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Subject List for China--Description and travel

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Ein Arzt erlebt China
China : the dream of man?
A Chinese mirror: being reflections of the reality behind appearance
Em demanda do Cataio : a viagem de Bento de Goes à China, 1603-1607
Fangyan Zhongguo 放眼中國
Gujin mingren youjixuan 古今名人遊記選
Kōnan hyakudai 江南百題
L. Richard's Comprehensive geography of the Chinese empire and dependencies
The Literature of travel in the Japanese rediscovery of China, 1862-1945
The Middle Kingdom : a survey of the geography, government, literature, social life, arts, and history of the Chinese empire and its inhabitants
Qingren wenji dililei huibian 清人文集地理類匯編
Shanhaijing jiaozhu 山海經校注
Shanhaijing quanyi 山海經全譯
Wuyue shihua 五岳史話
Zhongguo dili zhi zui 中國地理之最
Zhongguo gudai jiyou wenxue yinghua 中國古代紀遊文學英華
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