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Subject List for China--History--Qing dynasty, 1644-1911

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A. Hallerstein -- Liu Songling 劉松齡 : the multicultural legacy of Jesuit wisdom and piety at the Qing Dynasty Court
Baqi tongzhi 八旗通志. [Baqi tongzhi chuji 八旗通志初集]
Between tradition and modernity : Wang T'ao and reform in late Ch'ing China
China marches west : the Qing conquest of Central Eurasia
China's last imperial frontier : late Qing expansion in Sichuan's Tibetan borderlands
Chinese society in the eighteenth century
The Ch'ing Imperial Household Department : a study of its organization and principal functions, 1662-1796
Christian missions and treaty rights in late Qing China, 1842-1903
Dongnan jishi 東南紀事
Du Qingshigao zhaji 讀清史稿札記
Dushi binglüe bubian : Qingshi binglüe 讀史兵略補編 : 清史兵略
The emergence of the Qingliu officials : a response to the impact of the West in late nineteenth century China
L' evolution de la société chinoise a la fin de la dynastie des Qing, 1873-1911
      [Currents of social change. French]

The extreme East : a modern history
The fall of imperial China
Fengshi Eluosi riji 奉使俄羅斯日記. Yu Eluosiguo dingjie zhi bei 與俄羅斯國定界之碑. Nibuchu cheng kao 尼布楚城考. Eluosi zuolingkao 俄羅斯佐領考. Eluosi jincheng shuji mulu 俄羅斯進呈書籍目錄. Yili dingyue Zhong-E tanhualu 伊犂定約中俄談話錄
From Ming to Ch'ing : conquest, region, and continuity in seventeenth-century China
The great encounter of China and the West, 1500-1800
The great enterprise : the Manchu reconstruction of imperial order in seventeenth-century China
Guankuiji : Ming-Qingshi sanlun 管窺集 : 明清史散論
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