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Subject List for China--Church history--16th-17th centuries

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Christianity in late Ming China : five studies
Cong Li Madou dao Tang Ruowang : wan Ming de Yesuhui chuanjiaoshi 從利瑪竇到湯若望 : 晚明的耶穌會傳教士. [Generation of giants. Chinese]
Generation of giants : the story of the Jesuits in China in the last decades of the Ming dynasty
Jidujiao yu Ming-Qing ji Zhongguo shehui : Zhong-Xi wenhua de tiaoshi yu chongzhuang 基督教與明清際中國社會 : 中西文化的調適與衝撞
Journey to the East : the Jesuit mission to China, 1579-1724
Meaning and controversy within Chinese ancestor religion
Il P. Matteo Ricci, apostolo della Cina, modelo di missionario per i popoli di antica ed elevata cultura
Tōzai rekihō no tairitsu : Shinchō shoki Chūgokushi 東西曆法の對立 : 清朝初期中国史. [Histoire de la Chine sous la domination des Tartares. Japanese]
A vision betrayed : the Jesuits in Japan and China, 1542-1742
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