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Subject List for Xi'an Shi 西安市--Antiquities

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Banpo Cun yizhi 半坡村遺址
Early Chinese Christianity : the Tang Christian monument and other documents
Le monument chrétien de Si-ngan-fou : son texte et sa signification
Sanfu huangtu 三輔黄圖. Sanfu huangtu buyi 三輔黄圖補遺
Sanfu huangtu 三輔黄圖. Sanfu jiushi 三輔舊事. Sanfu gushi 三輔故事. Liangjing xinji 兩京新記
La stèle chrétienne de Si-ngan-fou : quelques notes extraites d'un commentaire inédit
Tang Jingjiao beisong zhengquan 唐景教碑頌正詮. [Jap-Sin I, 33]
Tomb treasures from China : the buried art of ancient Xi'an
Xi’an beishi shufa huicui 西安碑石書法薈萃
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