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Subject List for Protestant missions--China--19th century

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Hakka Chinese confront Protestant Christianity, 1850-1900 : with the autobiographies of eight Hakka Christians, and commentary
Hua-Fan hehe tongshu 華番和合通書. [BnF Chinois 7491]
Karl Gützlaff (1803-1851) und das Christentum in Ostasian : Ein Missionar zwischen den Kulturen
Memorials of Protestant missionaries to the Chinese
Nathan Sites : an epic of the East
Opening China : Karl F. A. Gützlaff and Sino-Western relations, 1827-1852
The Protestant missionaries as Bible translators : mission and rivalry in China, 1807-1839
Robert Morrison : the scholar and the man
Robert Morrison and the Protestant plan for China
Wei Lianchen (1829-1890) zai Hua de chuanjiao shiye 韋廉臣 (1829-1890) 在華的傳敎事業. [A study of Alexander Williamson's (1829-1890) missionary activities in late Qing China]
Yapian zhanzheng qian chuanjiaoshi yan zhong de Zhongguo 鴉片戰爭前傳教士眼中的中國 : 兩位早期來華新教傳教士的浙江沿海之行
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