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Subject List for China--Foreign relations--Japan

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China : the world's oldest civilisation fighting against Japanese aggression
Dongxing sanlu 東行三錄
The Far Eastern problem : official texts and summary of the Lytton report
Foreign rights and interests in China
Generalissimo Chiang's statements following the publication of Wang Ching-wei's secret agreement with Japan
How the Far Eastern War was begun. [Shui sheng li jie 誰生厲階]
Japan's dream of world empire : the Tanaka memorial
Japan's foreign policy relating to China
Jindai Zhong-Ri guanxi shi gangyao 近代中日關係略史綱要
Nitchū mondai nyūmon 日中問題入門
Riben waijiao 日本外交
Wobian shilüe 倭變事略. Ming Wokou shimo 明倭寇始末
Zhong-Ri jiaotongshi 中日交通史 [Nissi kōtsūshi 日支交通史. Chinese]
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