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Knight and Samurai : actions and images of elite warriors in Europe and East Asia
AuthorDeist, Rosemarie
Kleinschmidt, Harald, 1949-
Roddy, Stephen
Pub. LocationGöppingenPublisherKümmerle
Date2003Phys. Desc.vi, 202 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberPN56.5.K48 K65 2003
Knight and Samurai : actions and images of elite warriors in Europe and East Asia / edited by Rosemarie Deist in collaboration with Harald Kleinschmidt.
"This collection is the conclusion of a colloquium held at the University of San Francisco in April 2000"--p. vi.
Includes bibliographical references and index.

Beyond valor and bloodshed: the arts of war as a path to serenity / Karl F. Friday -- Table and bed: on the refinement of culture at the medieval court / Horst Wenzel -- Of swords and plowshares: dislocation and transformations in Chrétien's Grail story / Matilda T. Bruckner -- The martial arts and the loss of decorum in some medieval French narratives: Chrétien's Perceval, The Prose Lancelot, and Jehan de Saintré / Douglas Kelly -- Heroes and superheroes: the heroic in the Bourgeois Age / Alfred Ebenbauer -- From sword to dress: the ideal knight in late medieval French romance / Michelle Szkilnik -- Santō Kyōden's Chōshin suikoden: representations of violence and honor in Tokugawa fiction / Stephen J. Roddy -- Husbands and wives in Japanese feudalism / Reinhard Zöllner -- Fighting for land - fighting for power: war aim making in Renaissance Europe / Harald Kleinschmidt -- Li Shimin and the representation of military leadership in medieval China / David A. Graff -- Military evolution or revolution?: state formation and the early modern samurai / Shinko Taniguchi.

Subject(s)Knights and knighthood in literature--History
Martial arts in fiction--China
Martial arts in fiction--Japan
Literature, Medieval--History and critcism
Knights and knighthood--Congresses
Martial arts in fiction--Europe
Samurai 侍--In literature
Epic poetry
Santō Kyōden 山東 京伝, 1761-1816. Chūshin suikoden 忠臣水滸伝--Criticism and interpretation
SeriesGöppinger Arbeiten zur Germanistik ; Nr. 707
Rec. TypeBookLanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #10234