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A lifelong dedication to the China mission : essays presented in honor of Father Jeroom Heyndrickx, CICM....
AuthorGolvers, Noël
Lievens, Sara
Heyndrickx, Jeroom 韓德力
Pub. LocationLeuvenPublisherFerdinand Verbiest Institute, K.U. Leuven
Date2007Phys. Desc.740 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBV3415.L489 no. 17
A lifelong dedication to the China mission : essays presented in honor of Father Jeroom Heyndrickx, CICM, on the occasion of his 75th birthday and the 25th anniversary of the F. Verbiest Institute K.U. Leuven / edited by Noel Golvers & Sara Lievens.
Includes bibliographical references.

René Stockman, Preface.
Davor Antonucci : An Unpublished Manuscript by Antoine Thomas: The "De Bello Cam Hi Imperatoris Tartaro: Sinici contra Tartaros Erutanos. Feliciter confecto anno 1697".
Robert E. Carbonneau : Journalist and Priest: The Participation of Father Cormac Shanahan, C.P. in the 1944 Press Party to Yan'an, China, his experience with Communist leaders and ministry to Yan'an Catholics.
Gianni Criveller : Stefano Borgia's Two Memorials On the Need to Appoint Chinese Bishops (1787).
Carine Defoort : “Persuasive Definitions” of Li in the Zuo Zhuan.
Igor de Rachewiltz : Heaven, Earth and the Mongols in the Time of Činggis Qan and his Immediate Successors (ca. 1160-1260) – A Preliminary Investigation.
Koen de Ridder : CICM Missionary Education in Gansu Province During the Late Qing and Early Republic.
Ad Dudink : The Chinese Texts in the Latin Account Book (Changshu 常熟, 1674-1676) of François de Rougemont S.J. (魯日滿).
Ad Dudink : The Holy Mass in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century China: Introduction to and Annotated Translation of Yu Misa gongcheng (1721), Manual for Attending Mass.
Wiel Eggen : Leibniz's Reasoning on Chinese Rites.
Noël Golvers : The Missionary and his Concern about Consolidation and Continuity: Ferdinand Verbiest's Astronomica and the Public Relations of the China Mission in the Last Decades of the Seventeenth Century.
Nicole Halsberghe : Ferdinand Verbiest: Xin Zhi Yi Xiang Tu 新製儀象圖 : Analysis of the Xylographical Prints.
Catherine Jami : A Discreet Mathematician: Antoine Thomas (1644-1709) and His Text Books.
Cécile Leung s.a. & Colette Deneubourg : Un Cas de Féminisme Sino-Européen à Shanghaï (1867-1952).
Pan Feng-Chuan : The Interpretation and the Re-interpretation of Chinese Philosophy: Longobardo and Leibniz.
Paul Rule : Why have Missionaries got a Bad Name?
Nicolas Standaert : The 'Theory' of Rituals Related to Heaven.
Giovanni Stary : Some Preliminary Linguistic Remarks on the Manchu Translation of Matteo Ricci's Tianzhu Shiyi.
Jacqueline Thevenet : Voyage d'Armand David dans le Centre et l'Ouest de la Chine, 1868-1870.
R. G.Tiedemann : Not Every Martyr is a Saint! The Juye Missionary Case of 1897 Reconsidered.
Péter Vámos : The Hungarian Franciscan Mission in China.
Dirk Van Overmeire : In the Footsteps of von Richthofen? Raphael Verbrugge, C.I.C.M. (°1872, †1957) and his Contribution to a Physical Geography of Mongolia.
Claudia von Collani : Parishes, Priests and Lay People: Christian Communities as Described in the Neue Welt-Bott.
Jean-Paul Wiest : The Rise and Fall of the First Aurora, 1842-1905.

Subject(s)Heyndrickx, Jeroom 韓德力
Catholic Church--Missions--China--History
SeriesLeuven Chinese studies ; 17
Rec. TypeBook (Festschrift)LanguageEnglish, French
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #10564
ISBN9789080183384 ; 9080183385OCLC227018212