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Bian jiao lun 辨教論
AuthorHan Lin 韓霖, 1601-1649
Duan Gun 段袞, d. 1641
Chung, Andrew 鄭安德
Pub. LocationBeijing 北京PublisherBeijing daxue zongjiao yanjiusuo 北京大學宗教研究所
Date2000Phys. Desc.20, 9 p. ; 24 cm.
LocationDigital Archives, and Hallway CasesCall NumberBV3427.Z6 C68 2000 v. 35
Bian jiao lun 辨教論 / Han Lin, Duan Gun yuanzhu ; Lou Yulie guwen ; Zheng Ande bianji 韓霖, 段袞原著 ;樓宇烈顧問 ; 鄭安德編輯.

N.B.: Han Lin's dates (and brief bio-bibliography) are derived from Standaert, Handbook of Christianity in China, vol. 1, p. 425. However the table on p. 400 and p. 657 indicates "d. 1644". Associate of the Jesuit Alfonso Vagnone.
Cover illustration: Bibliotheque National de France. Courant 7113
明末淸初耶稣会思想文献汇编 = An expository collection of the Christian philosophical works between the end of the Ming dynasty and the beginning of the Qing dynasty in China ; 第35册.

Local access dig.pdf. in folder: [Andrew Chung Series].

Subject(s)Converts, Chinese--Ming dynasty, 1368-1644
Conversion--Catholic Church--China--Ming dynasty, 1368-1644--Sources
Catholic Church--China--16th-17th centuries--Apologetic works--Sources
Vagnone, Alfonso 高一志, 1566-1640--Friends and associates
SeriesMingmo Qingchu Yesuhui sixiang wenxian huibian 明末清初耶穌會思想文獻匯編 ; 35
Rec. TypeBook (Text in Collection), and Digital Book (PDF)LanguageChinese 中文[簡體字]
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryEdition初稿Rec. #10699