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Ru jiao xin 儒交信. [Ru jiao xin 儒教信]
AuthorPrémare, Joseph Henry-Marie de 馬若瑟, 1666-1736
Chung, Andrew 鄭安德
Pub. LocationBeijing 北京PublisherBeijing daxue zongjiao yanjiusuo 北京大學宗教研究所
Date2000Phys. Desc.20, 47 p. ; 24 cm.
LocationDigital Archives, and Hallway CasesCall NumberBV3427.Z6 C68 2000 v. 45
Ru jiao xin 儒交信 / Wumingshi ; Lou Yulie guwen ; Zheng Ande bianji 無名氏 ; 樓宇烈顧問 ; 鄭安德編輯.
Anonymous; Original has Latin preface signed by Prémare. The cover and series index title of this edition are incorrectly titled: Ru jiao xin 儒教信--Cf. Courant 7166 and Pfister, p. 522.
Cover illustration: Bibliotheque National de France. Courant 7166.

明末淸初耶稣会思想文献汇编 = An expository collection of the Christian philosophical works between the end of the Ming dynasty and the beginning of the Qing dynasty in China ; 第45册.

See Ad Dudink & Nicolas Standaert, Chinese Christian Texts Database (CCT-Database) for more information.

Local access dig.pdf. in folder: [Andrew Chung Series].

Confucianism--China--Religious aspects--Jesuit interpretations
SeriesMingmo Qingchu Yesuhui sixiang wenxian huibian 明末清初耶穌會思想文獻匯編 ; 45
Rec. TypeBook (Text in Collection), and Digital Book (PDF)LanguageChinese 中文[簡體字]
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryEdition初稿Rec. #10722