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The China Christian year book 1926. [China mission year book 1926]
AuthorRawlinson, Frank Joseph, 1871-1937
Christian Literature Society of China [Guangxuehui 廣學會]
Pub. LocationTaipei 臺北PublisherCh'eng-Wen Publishing Company
Date1973Phys. Desc.2 v. (xlv, 549 p.) ; 29 cm.
LocationStacksCall NumberBV3410.C456 R286 1926
The China Christian year book, Volume 14, 1926 / editor, Frank Rawlinson.
Issued under arrangement between the Christian Literature Society for China and the National Christian Council of China.
Reprint. Originally published annually: Shanghai : Christian Literature Society, 1926.

".... The China mission year book appears this year as the China Christian year book.--Preface.
1926 publication is volume 14 in a fourteen volume annual series.
Includes index.
Photocopied and bound in two parts.

Part I: The Protestant Christian movement and political events / MacNair, Henry Farnsworth -- Missionaries and special privilages / Some historical points concerning the so-called Un-equal treaties / Heeren, J.J. -- China's postion at the Institute of Pacific relations / Chen, L.T. -- Christianity in the treaties between China and other nations / Lobenstine, E.C. -- Trends in China's religious life / Reid, Gilbert -- The present Chinese attitude towards Christianity / Woo, Y.K. -- Chinese Christian Unions / Zia, Z.K. -- The Greek Orthodox Church in China / Tsu, Y.Y. -- Cooperative Christian Activities in China in 1925 / Barnett, Eugene E. -- Special problems in evangelism / Rawlinson, Frank -- Changes in Chinese Church / Bau, T.C. -- Support of Christian work compared with that of Chinese ceremonies and practices / Bowen, A.J. -- The growth of intercommunion / Kepler, A.R. -- The present strength, distribution and age of the missionary body / Mills, S.J. -- Tendencies in mission policy as shown in mission reports of 1925 / Stuart, Warren H. -- The changing function of the missionary / Roots, Logan H. -- Missionary work as seen at the Institute of Pacific Relations / Stuckey, E.J. -- The relation of mission and Church / Lobenstein, E.C. -- Critical moments in the history of Christianity in China / MacNair, Henry Farnsworth -- Christian education in 1925 / Wallace, Edward Wilson -- Recent developments in Chinese government education / Sec, Fong F. -- Experiments in religious education / Miao, C.S. -- Chinese Classics in school textbooks / Tseu, Yih-zan -- Economic status of Christian schools and economic strength of China / Bowen, A.J. -- Educational conditions and student life / Koo, T.Z. -- Evangelical work in colleges and universities / Shen, T.L. -- National Association for the Advancement of Education / Ling, P. -- The China Foundation for the Promotion of Educationa and Culture -- The public attitude to labor in China / Taylor, J.B. -- Cooperative credit in China / Djang, Y.S.

Part II : Reforming farm life / Reisner, John H. -- China Famine Fund Balance Relief Committee / Reisner, John H. -- Recent anti-opium activities / K.T. Chung and Garfield Huang -- Medical missions 1925 and after / Maxwell, James L. -- The Nurses Association of China / Gage, Nina D. -- Modern Chinese physicians and practice / Wu, Lien Teh -- Main tendencies in Chinese literary circles / Hung, William -- New trends in literature / Shen, J. Wesley -- Phonetic systems / Darroch, John -- Some books and articles on China (English)/ Rawlingson, Frank -- Chinese Christian publications, 1925, Library of the National Christian Council -- Some classified devotional and inspirational literature with annotations -- Philosophical and religious thought in China / Millican, F.R.

Obituaries -- Appendices: Amended constitution of the Kwangtung Divisional Council of the Church of Christ in China -- Resolutions of National Students Union in re Christianity -- Actions of mission organizations in regards to extrality and toleration clauses -- Notes on missionary property titles in China / Warnshuis, A.L.

Subject(s)Protestant churches--Missions--China--History--20th century
Rec. TypeBook (Photocopy), and Serial (Annual)LanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #11175
LCCNsn 87020311OCLC12950787