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Apostolic legations to China of the eighteenth century
AuthorRosso, Antonio Sisto
Pub. LocationSouth Pasadena, CAPublisherP.D. and Ione Perkins
Date1948Phys. Desc.502 p. : facsims. ; 21cm.
LocationDigital Archives, and Hallway CasesCall NumberBV3417.R6 1948
Antonio Sisto Rosso.
Originally presented as the authors thesis, Columbia University.
Bibliography: p. [419]-502.
Index of books, names, subjects: p. [419]-502.
Library has 2 copies, c. 2 imperfect (?).

Part I. Historical setting. Antecedents. Resumption of Catholic missions. Augustinians. Franciscans. Jesuits. Ricci's approach. Root of a controversy. Reaction in Japan. Controversy among Jesuits. Viewpoint of Fr. Costanzo. Longobardo's inquiries. Mendicant approach. Dominican mission. Morales and Caballero. Caballero and the Rites. The question in Rome. Clash of method and rights. Decree of 1656. Persecution of 1664. K'ang-hsi (Kangxi) Emperor and Christianity. Intervention of Msgr. Maigrot. Declaration of the K'ang-hsi Emperor.

Part II. The Legations. Maillard de Tournon. First, second, third audiences. Certificate. Legate's mandate. Imperial documents. Edict of the Imperial household. Death of the Cardinal Legate. Missionaries of the Propaganda at Court. Pedrini and companions. Red Manifesto. Chen Mao's charge. Second-Third Apostolic Legation. Christianity under the Yongzheng Emperor. Papal envoys.

Part III. Documents. Imperial mandate. April 26, 1702, on a jurisdictional difference between Portuguese and French Jesuits. Vermilion Decree, June 22, 1706, on Bouvet and Mariani. Vermilion Decree, June 24, 1706. Hortatory message to Maillard de Tournon, April 18, 1707. Imperial instructions to all missionaries, April 19, 1707, concerning the Certificate. Decrees of 1707 and 1708 and list of missionaries appended. Imperial mandate, May 5, 1710, and reply by Jesuit Fathers at court, May 6, 1710, concerning a memorial of Cardinal Maillard de Tournon. Memorial, November 3, 1710, by Guangdong governors relating to the death of Fr. Antonio de Barros, S.J. Three Prohibitions in Papal Decree issued Nov. 20, 1704, as stated by Fr. Teodorico Pedrini, C.M. on Dec. 2, 1714, submitted to the Emperor on Dec. 3, 1714. Letter to Clement XI, Dec. 9, 1714, by Pedrini and Ripa. Imperial mandate, April 23, 1716, on memorial dealing with Fr. Joachim Bouvet's studies on the Yijing. Red Manifesto, Oct. 31, 1716. Pedrini reprimanded by the Emperor, Nov. 12-13, 1716, written in Pedrini's name Nov. 14, 1716. Deliberation by the Board of War upon the charges of Chen Mao, filed May 24, 1717. Imperial audience, May 24, 1717, deliberations by State Council of Nine on memorial by Chen Mao. Memorial on Foreign Merchants and Missionaries, by Yang Lin, ratified by Kangxi, March 9, 1718. Imperial instruction to Fr. Laureati and all missionaries, Dec. 3, 1719. Imperial Instruction to the new Apostolic Legate, Carlo Ambrogio Mezzabarba, Nov. 4, 1720. Deposition on Fr. Provana by Fr. Louis Fan Shouyi (Shou-i), in response to court officers in Guangzhou, 1720. Questions presented to the Legate, Oct. 17, 1720, actually presented Nov. 25, 1720. Instructions to missionaries, Dec. 17, 1720. Mandarins' diary. Vermilion endorsement, Jan. 18, 1721, on the Constitution Ex illa die, Sept. 19, 1715. Report concerning Legate Mezzabarba, submitted to Provincial govt. of Beijing, Jan. 31, 1721, and Feb. 24, 1721. Vermilion decree to Mezzabarba. Feb. 21, 1721. Memorial of Manbao, Governor General of Zhejiang and Fujian, against the Catholic Church, submitted to the throne at the end of 1723. Referred Jan. 9, 1724, ratified by Yongzheng January 12, 1724. Memorial, Aug. 6, 1725, by Kong Yuxun reporting arrival of Papal envoys at Guangzhou, July 24, 1725. Yongzheng Emperor's reply, Nov. 13, 1725 to first Breve of Pope Benedict XIII congratulating him on his accession to the Throne. Yongzheng Emperor's reply, Nov. 18, 1725, to second Breve of Pope Benedict XIII, Oct. 6, 1724, concerning release of Frs. Appiani and Guignes. Memorial of return of Papal Envoys to Rome by Governor General of Guangdong and Guangxi, Mar. 15, 1726. Sentence passed by Board of Justice, July 21, 1726, on Fr. João Mourao, S.J.

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Subject(s)Chinese Rites controversy--Sources
Missions--China--History--17th century--Sources
Missions--China--History--18th century--Sources
Christianity--China--History--17th-18th centuries--Sources
Rec. TypeBook, and Digital Book (PDF)LanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #113