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Chourenzhuan 疇人傳
AuthorRuan Yuan 阮元, 1764-1849
Luo Shilin 羅士琳, 1774-1853
Zhu Kebao 諸可寶, 1845-1903
Hua Shifang 華世芳, 1854-1905
Pub. LocationChangsha 長沙PublisherShangwu yinshuguan 商務印書館
Date1939Phys. Desc.7 v. (864, 11 p.) ; 18 cm.
LocationStacksCall NumberAC269.S416 1936 v. 2 ; 626
Chourenzhuan 疇人傳 / Ruan Yuan zhuan 阮元撰.
民國28 [1939].

Chouren zhuan 疇人傳 (Biographies of astronomers, calendrists, and mathematicians)….”Ruan started this unusual enterprise as a voluntary contribution to the guoshi. The actual compilation, as with most of his works, was done by scholars working under his patronage and editorial direction. The first edition contained biographies and summaries of the works of 280 astronomers and mathematicians from ancient times to the 18th century, including 37 Europeans (in annex based on a work of Schall). The total biographies in all the editions and supplements comes to over 600 (of whom 52 were foreigners).
The editor’s main object was to provide a genealogy of Chinese computational astronomy as part of classical Confucian learning and as incorporating its offshoot, Western astronomy. The cosmology is Tychonic, not Copernican. One result of the collection was to further stimulate interest in ancient Chinese mathematics and the recovery of works long since neglected; another was to delay an objective reassessment of Chinese mathematics as measured against Greek, Arabic, and European approaches….(etc.)
Cf. Wilkinson, E., Chinese history, a new manual. p.476.

SeriesGuoxue jiben congshu 國學基本叢書
Wanyou wenku 萬有文庫 ; 第12集 ; 簡便500種
Wanyou wenku 萬有文庫 ; 第2集 ; 626種
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文
CollectionBibl. Sinensis Soc. IesuEdition簡編印行Rec. #11474