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Jian Fujian Tianzhutang beiji 建福州天主堂碑記. [Borg. Cin. 324 (78)]
AuthorTong Guoqi 佟國器, juren 1648
Pub. LocationFuzhou 福州PublisherFujian Tianzhutang 福建天主堂
Date1655Phys. Desc.CD-ROM [11 digital pages]
LocationDigital ArchivesCall NumberCD2
Jian Fujian Tianzhutang beiji 建福州天主堂碑記 / [Tong Guoqi 佟國器]
Borg. Cin. 324 (78) edition. 11 digital pages in .jpg format. Full text online at HKCDA site.
Dedication written by Tong Guoqi on the occasion of the reconstruction of the Catholic Church in Fuzhou, taken from a stone tablet dated June 18, 1655. It gives a brief account of the history of Christianity in China and Catholic doctrine.
Eminent Chinese of the Ch’ing Period, pp. 792-794.
Standaert, Handbook of Christianity in China, p. 444 (see also p. 394, 402, 514, 581, 601, 611).
Subject(s)Fujian Sheng 福建省--Church history
Catholic church buildings--Fuzhou 福州--17th century--Reconstruction
Fuzhou 福州--Churches--17th century--Reconstruction
Church dedication--Fuzhou 福州--17th century
Rec. TypeDigital BookLanguageChinese 中文
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #118