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Huajian ji jiao 花間集校
AuthorZhao Chongzuo 趙崇祚, fl. 934-965
Li Yimeng 李一氓, 1903-1990
Pub. LocationXianggang 香港PublisherShangwu yinshuguan 商務印書館
Date1960Phys. Desc.2, 12, 2, 245 p., [8] p. : ill. ; 19 cm.
LocationDirector's OfficeCall NumberPL2551.H83 1960
".... an anthology of five hundred poems, mainly concerning love and separation, in the Ci 詞 form. It was compliled during the Later Shu dynasty (934-965).... preface by Ouyang Jiong 歐陽炯 dated 940....the first extant anthology devoted to Ci composed by literati...the majority concern women, often courtesans and singing girls from the entertainment quarters...most of the (eighteen) authors were residents of Shu...Cf. Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature, p. 441-442.
Subject(s)Ci 詞--Five dynasties and the Ten kingdoms, 907-979
Ci 詞--Tang dynasty, 618-907
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文
CollectionRicci Institute Library [F2]Rec. #12051