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Zongjiao yu wenhua : zaoqi Jidujiao yu jiaofu zhexue yanjiu 宗教與文化 : 早期基督教與教父哲學研究. [Zongjiao yu wenhua 宗教與文化 : 4]
AuthorChen Cunfu 陳村富
Pub. LocationBeijing 北京PublisherDongfang chubanshe 東方出版社
Date2001Phys. Desc.15, 5, 415 p. ; 21 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBL65.C8 T784 2001
Zongjiao yu wenhua : zaoqi Jidujiao yu jiaofu zhexue yanjiu 宗教與文化 : 早期基督教與教父哲學研究 / Chen Cunfu 陳村富.
Preface and table of contents also in English.
The number 4 on the cover indicates it continues Zongjiao wenhua as Zongjiao yu wenhua 宗教與文化.
Includes bibliographical references.

Secularization, Counter-secularization and Desecularization: A Commentary on Peter Berger' s Ideas of the Religious Revival and Political Ethics -- Christian Theology of Religious Dialogue: Its Trinity Theology and the Foundation of Christology -- Christianity and the Reconstruction of Publicity -- From Natural Theology to Theology of Nature -- Towards A Spiritual Pluralism -- Cultural Disarmament: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Peace of Raimon Paiiikkar -- The Pauline Collection: An Initiative for the Communion among the Churches -- Some Methodological Problems of the Study of Church Fathers -- The Exegetical Way of Philo and Its Tradition -- Celsus: Christianity and Its Characteristics of Faith -- Free Will, Original Sin and God' s Grace: On the Controversy of Pelagius and Its Influence -- The Orthodox of Classical Christian Theology: on the theological debate before and after Councils of Nicaea -- The Discovery of Nag Hammadi and its Importance -- On Boethius -- Some Prayer-books in the Early Japanese Jesuits: the principle and practice of transliteration -- The 270 Years' History of Mapeng, a Catholic Village in Qu County, Zhejiang Province, with an Appendix of Ni Rufan's "Church History of Zhejiang Qushu's Mapeng" (published in Wocun Magazine, Vol., 3 No. 4, 1935) -- Briefings of Institutes, libraries and Materials for the Study of Christianity Study and Chinese Culture: -- (1) Research on China in the Archives of the Society of Jesus in Rome (with Chinese translation) -- (2) Chinese Books, Documents and Artifacts at the Ambrosiana in Milan (With Chinese translation) -- (3) An Introduction of It Petit Massager de Ning-Po (1911-1940) -- (4) An Introduction of Tianxuechuhan and Documents of Catholic Mission to the East -- (5) An Introduction of Documents in Xujiahui Library about Catholicism in Ming and Qing Dynasties -- (6) An Introduction of Annals of Chinese Christian Church (1914-1936) -- (7) An Introduction of The Chinese Recorder (1867-1941) -- (8) An Introduction of Chinese and Protestant Missions: a Collection of Their earliest missionary Works in Chinese and Western Books in China Published up to 1850.

Subject(s)Church history
Fathers of the Church
Christianity and culture
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese, English
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryEdition第1版Rec. #12081