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Eight Chinese plays from the thirteenth century to the present
AuthorDolby, William, fl. 1967-
Pub. LocationNew YorkPublisherColumbia University Press
Date1978Phys. Desc.164 p.; 23 cm.
LocationDirector's OfficeCall NumberPL2658.E5 E37 1978b
Eight Chinese plays from the thirteenth century to the present / Translated with an introduction by William Dolby.
Includes bibliographical references.

Contents: The battling doctors: excerpt from Cai Shun shares the mulberries (Cai Shun fenshen): yuanben play attributed to Lin Tangqing 劉唐卿 --Grandee's son takes the wrong career (Huanmen zidi cuo lishen 宦門子弟錯立身)-- Qiu Hu tries to seduce his own wife (Qiu Hu xiqi 秋胡戲妻)/ Shi Jinbao -- Secret liason with Chancellor Bo Pi: act VII from Washing silk (Wansha ji 浣紗記)/ Liang Chenyu 梁辰魚 -- Wolf of Mount Zhong (Zhongshan lang 中山狼 )/ Wang Jiusi 王九思 -- Buying rouge (Mai yanzhi 賣胭脂)--Hegemon King says farewell to his queen (Bawang bieji 霸王別姬): Peking opera version by Mei Lanfang 梅蘭芳 -- Identifying footprints in the snow (Pingxue bianzong)
Keywords: yuanben 院本, Nanxi 南戲, chuanqi 傳奇, zaju 雜劇, Jingju 京劇, Pingju 平劇, Chinese Opera, Beijing Opera, Southern-style Opera.

Subject(s)Chinese drama--Translations into English
Rec. TypeBookLanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute Library [M5]Rec. #12936