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Dr. L. Wieger's Moral tenets and customs in China
AuthorWieger, Léon, 1856-1933
Davrout, L. (Leo), b. 1875
Pub. LocationHo-Kien-fuPublisherCatholic Mission Press
Date1913Phys. Desc.1 p. l., iii, 604 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBL1801.W5413 1913
Dr. L. Wieger's Moral tenets and customs in China : texts in Chinese / translated and annotated by L. Davrout ... with romanisation and illustrations.
A translation of volume 4, "Morale et usages" in the author's Rudiments de parler et de style chinois.
Chinese text with facing page in Wade-Giles romanization and English translation.
The Sacred edict -- Moral tracts -- Tenets of Taoism: Book of rewards and punishments -- Tenets of Buddhism: The Precious record -- Manners and customs.

***Graphic resource.
Keywords:Shengyu 聖諭 ; filial piety, harmony between brothers, neighbors, thrift, husbandry (agriculture), necessity of schools, education of youth, rites and ceremonies, heterodox doctrines, Sixteen apothegms of Kangxi, family, propriety. meritorious deeds, Three Precepts (Sanjieming 三戒命), Daoism, rewards and punishments, daojiao 道教, Taishang ganyin pian 太上感應篇, Buddhism, retribution, Yuli chaozhuan, Ten Courts of Hell, Shidian yanjun 十殿閻君, annual festivals, New Year's, betrothal and marriage, death and funerals.

Subject(s)Ethics, Chinese--Sources
China--Religious life and customs
China--Social life and customs
Rites and ceremonies--China--Sources
Rec. TypeBookLanguageEnglish-Chinese
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #13010