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Tianzhu shiyi xupian 天主實義續篇. [R.G. Oriente III, 223 (13)]
AuthorPantoja, Diego de 龐迪我, 1571-1618
Furtado, Francisco 傅汎際, 1589-1653
Dias, Manuel 陽瑪諾, 1574-1659
Figueiredo, Rui de 費樂德, 1594-1642
Pub. LocationTaibei 臺北PublisherTaiwan xuesheng shuju 臺灣學生書局
Date1966Phys. Desc.PDF
LocationDigital ArchivesCall NumberBX880.T56152 1966dig. v.1
Tianzhu shiyi xupian 天主實義續篇 / Pang Diwo zhu 龐廸我 [et al.]著.
For full bibliographical data for this title, see also: Ad Dudink & Nicolas Standaert, Chinese Christian Texts Database (CCT-Database)

Japonica-Sinica editions:
Jap-Sin I, 83a
Tianzhu shiyi xupian 天主實義續篇.
By Pang Diwo 龐迪我 (Diego de Pantoja, 1571–1618).
One juan. Chinese bamboo paper in one volume. No date or place of publication.

On folio 1a the title is given as: Tianzhu shengjiao shiyi, 12 ce, Tianzhu shiyi zhi di’er 天主聖教實義 | 十二冊 | 天主實義之第二 . Then the name of the author is given together with those of the three censors: Fu Fanji 傅汎際 (Francisco Furtado), Yang Manuo 陽瑪諾 (Manuel Dias Jr.) and Fei Lede 費樂德 (Rui de Figueiredo). The table of contents is given at the verso of this folio.
The entire book consists of sixty-five folios. There are nine columns in each half folio. The first line of each paragraph contains twenty characters and the other lines nineteen. The upper middle of each folio bears the title: Tianzhu shiyi 天主實義 ; below the fish-tail the characters ci’er 冊二 (second volume) are given together with the number of the folio.
As is clear from these details, there is no sign of xupian (‘continuation’) being the title of this book. In fact, the inscription of the title on the first folio may mislead the inquirer into thinking that this is the second volume of the Tianzhu shiyi; in reality xupian here means “second series.”
The book deals with the attributes of God. It begins with the existence of the universe and all the creatures and from the effect to the cause, i.e., the existence of God. It then goes on to study the attributes of God. Finally, it tries to prove the immutability of God and his justice, i.e., the remuneration of the good and punishment of the wicked. The conclusion is that in this life man must try to do good and avoid evil in order to obtain everlasting happiness.
Pfister (p. 73) says: “Les PP. Couplet, Bartoli, lui [i.e., Pantoja] attribuent un ouvrage en chinois sur Dieu et ses attributs, dont nous n’avons aucune connaissance. (Couplet, Catal. p. 11.—Bartoli, Cina, p. 680; Sommervogel, Bibliothèque, t. VI, col. 172 seq.).” He did not realize that this is precisely the book he mentioned in no. 6 of his book (p. 72), namely the Shiyi xupian 實義續篇.
Cf. Courant 6848, 6849, 6850; BR, p. XXX.

Jap-Sin I, 83b, 83c
Tianzhu shiyi xupian 天主實義續篇.
By Pang Diwo 龐迪我 (Diego de Pantoja, 1571–1618).
Printed and published by the Catholic church of Qingzhang 清漳 (Zhangzhou 漳州, Fujian).

The folios 1a of both books bear the title Tianzhu shiyi xupian. The verso of this folio bears again the title and the author’s name in Chinese. The censors are the same as in Jap-Sin I, 83a and also the format of both books is almost the same, except for some slight differences in the engraving of the types. It seems that both editions were based on the edition of Jap-Sin I, 83a for their format and type. The Catholic church in Zhangzhou had also the Pangzi yizhuan of de Pantoja reprinted (Jap-Sin I, 82), see Courant 6854 (Jingjiaotang 景教堂 of Qingzhang).

Source: Albert Chan, S.J., Chinese books and documents in the Jesuit archives in Rome: a descriptive catalog, Japonica-Sinica I-IV.

God--Proof, Cosmological
Jesuits--China--Ming dynasty, 1368-1644--Contributions in theology
SeriesTianzhujiao dongchuan wenxian xubian 天主敎東傳文獻續編 ; v. 1
Rec. TypeDigital Book (PDF)LanguageChinese 中文
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #14426