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Fengzhi banxing Rijiang Sishu jieyi 奉旨頒行日講四書解義. [Jap-Sin I, 13]
Pub. Location[China]Publisher---
Daten.d.Phys. Desc.26 juan in 24 ce.
Fengzhi banxing Rijiang Sishu jieyi 奉旨頒行日講四書解義 [JapSin I-13]

JapSin I, 13
Fengzhi banxing Rijiang Sishu jieyi 奉旨頒行日講四書解義.
Twenty-six juan in twenty-four ce. Early Qing edition on bamboo paper in a blue cloth jacket.

On the cover of the first ce there is a Latin inscription: “4 ll. Classici 1. magna scientia, 2. via media, 3. effata Confucii, 4. sermones Mencii (tom 26).” Wieger’s catalogue (WH) gives: “4 libri classici, ge kiam su xu i.e. quotidiana librorum classicorum explanatio ab Imperatore Kiam hi in lucem edita. 26t. 1. magna scientia. 2. Via media. 3. Effata Confucii. 4. sermones Mencii. 22 x 15.”
On the title page there is a red seal in the seal type in four characters: 經筵日講 (Lectures given at the Imperial Study Hall).
At the beginning of juan 1 there is a preface by the Kangxi emperor, dated 8.XII Kangxi 16 (11 January 1677). This is followed by a memorial by the ministers on the occasion of the book’s presentation to the emperor with a list of their names.
There are nine columns to each half folio. The main text has eighteen characters in each column and the commentary has seventeen.
The book is a series of lectures given by minister-scholars about subjects taken from the Four Books 四書 and given at the palace hall on regular days, known in those days as Jingyan 經筵 or “banquet of Classics.” The Kangxi emperor was said to have selected different lectures which were published later by imperial order for the benefit of his subjects all over the empire. The series of lectures is divided as follows:

1. Juan 1 (ce 1), lectures dealing with the Daxue 大學, or the Great Learning.
2. Juan 2–3 (ce 2–3), lectures dealing with the Zhongyong 中庸, or Doctrine of the Mean.
3. Juan 4–12 (ce 4–12), lectures dealing with the Lunyu 論語, or Analects of Confucius.
4. Juan 13–26 (ce 13–24), lectures dealing with the Mengzi 孟子, or Book of Mencius.

Cf. Courant 2850–2869; SKTY 1:476. The Naikaku Bunko owns a Qing edition of this book (NBC, p. 40): Rijiang Sishu jieyi 日講四書解義, twenty-six juan, twenty ce, compiled by Shen Quan 沈荃 and others by Imperial order. It is to be noted that the Naikaku Bunko copy puts the minister-scholar Shen Quan at the head of the compilers of this book, while Shao Yichen (TTSK, p. 149) puts Grand Secretary Ku Lena 庫勒納 at the head of the list of compilers. Among other lectures on the Classics published in this series by order of the Kangxi emperor, we refer our readers to SKTY 1:83 (日講易經解義), 1:241 (日講禮記解義), 1:246 (日講書經解義) and 1:575 (日講春秋解義).
Source: Albert Chan, SJ, Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, pp. 12-13.

Subject(s)Sishu 四書--Study and teaching
Chinese classics--Study and teaching
Rec. TypeBook (stitch-bound 線裝本)LanguageChinese 中文
CollectionARSIRec. #14448