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Huizui yaozhi 悔罪要旨. 悔罪要指. [Jap-Sin I, 80. BAV Borg.Cin. 334.17]
AuthorAleni, Giulio 艾儒略, 1582-1649
Cattaneo, Lazzaro 郭居靜, 1560-1640
Pub. LocationGuilin Shi 桂林市PublisherGuangxi shifan daxue chubanshe 廣西師范大學出版社
Date2011Phys. Desc.1 juan. p. [317]-324 ; 27.5 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBV3427.A38 A2 2011 v.1
In: Ai Rulüe Hanwen zhushu quanji 艾儒略漢文著述全集 = Collection of Jules Aleni's Chinese works.
See also: 法國國家圖書館明清天主教文獻. Chinese Christian texts from the National Library of France. (BX1665.A24 B526 2009 v.18--115). Giulio Aleni 艾儒略 (& Lazzaro Cattaneo 郭仰鳳). Huizui yaozhi 悔罪要指 [7270]

Full citation see: Ad Dudink & Nicolas Standaert, ( Chinese Christian Texts Database (CCT-Database) )
Full text BAV Borgia Cinese, 324.17 online Hong Kong Catholic Diocesan Archives

JapSin I, 80
Huizui yaozhi 悔罪要旨.
By Ai Rulüe 艾儒略 (Giulio Aleni).
One juan. Chinese bamboo paper in one volume. No date or place of publication.

The cover bears a Latin inscription: “Brevis declaratio contritionis peccatorum, a p. Julio Aleni, S.J.”
There is an introduction by Aleni (two folios). The main text consists of six folios. There are seven columns in each half folio and each column consists of sixteen characters. The upper middle of each folio bears the title with the number of each folio given below.
In his introduction Aleni points out the importance of contrition for the forgiveness of sins. He then says that the booklet he has written actually is an adaptation of a book composed by Lazzaro Cattaneo (Guo Jujing 郭居靜, zi 仰鳳, 1560–1640), which he has with him.
Pfister (p. 55, no. 2) gives the title as Hoei tsoei yao ki 悔罪要記, but Martini in his Brevis Relatio (p. XXIX) as Hoei çui yao chi and also Couplet (p. 7). Feng Zhengjun (1938, p. 157, no. 6) rightly points out that the character ji 記 in Pfister should be zhi 旨 or 指. Again, Pfister (p. 132, no. 6) doubted whether the Huizui yaozhi was a distinct treatise written by Aleni or an extract from the Dizui zhenggui 滌罪正規, another work by Aleni (see Jap-Sin I, 79). Sommervogel (I, col. 159, no. 24) followed Pfister by saying that the “Houei tsuei iao tche [De Contritione], c’est, peut-être, un des volumes du n. 15” [i.e., Dizui zhenggui].
It is to be noted that Aleni translated contrition as gongdelizang 公德理藏 and attrition as yadelizang 亞德理藏, both transliterations. Today we should say shangdeng tonghui 上等痛悔 and xiadeng tonghui 下等痛悔.
Source: Albert Chan, S.J., Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, p. 130.
Subject(s)Forgiveness of sin--Early works to 1800
Repentance--Early works to 1800
SeriesAi Rulüe Hanwen zhushu quanji 艾儒略漢文著述全集 ; v. 1
Rec. TypeBook (Text in Collection)LanguageChinese 中文
CollectionARSIRec. #14499