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Xueli xiaobian 學曆小辯. [Jap-Sin I, 158]
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Date1631Phys. Desc.1 juan.
JapSin I, 158
Xueli xiaobian 學曆小辯.
By an anonymous author.
One juan. Chinese bamboo paper in one volume. 1631 (Chongzhen 4).
The cover bears the title and a Latin inscription: “Liber Quartus. Tractatus brevis Apologeticus.”
The book (forty-one folios) consists of:

1. 修曆居咨禮部文 (A note sent by the Calendar Bureau to the Ministry of Rites; ff. 1–7).
2. 滿城玉山布衣魏文魁答曆局問 (A reply to the inquires submitted to the Calendar Bureau by Wei Wenkui, commoner of Yushan in the prefecture of Mancheng, ff. 8–13).
3. 與王廷評答客難 (A letter to Wang Ting in criticizing the [book] Da ke’nan, i.e., replies to the problems raised by a certain inquirer, ff. 14–24).
4. 禮部尚書徐光啟論修改曆法事 (Xu Guangqi, President of the Ministry of Rites, on the reform of the calendar, ff. 25–30).
5. 欽天監在局學習諸論曆新舊法事 (The students of the Imperial Observatory on the problems of the new and the old calendars, ff. 31–41).

For further details, see Jap-Sin II, 64.
Source: Albert Chan, S.J., Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, pp. 208-209.

Subject(s)Calendar, Chinese--Western influences
Calendar reform--China--History--Ming-Qing dynasties, 1368-1911--Sources
Rec. TypeBook (stitch-bound 線裝本)LanguageChinese 中文
CollectionARSIRec. #14544