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Chaoxing xueyao 超性學要. [Jap-Sin II, 3-9. BnF 6907, 6910]
      [Summa theologica. Chinese. Selections]
AuthorBuglio, Lodovico 利類思, 1606-1682
Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274
Pub. LocationTaibei Shi 臺北市PublisherTaipei Ricci Institute 利氏學社
Date2009Phys. Desc.v.2.12 (p. 543-579)
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBX1665.A24 B526 2009 v.2
In 法國國家圖書館明清天主教文獻. Chinese Christian texts from the National Library of France, v.2.12. Lodovico Buglio 利類思. Chaoxing xueyao 超性學要 (prefaces and fanli 凡例 only). [6907,6910].

Bibliographical citation see: Ad Dudink & Nicolas Standaert, Chinese Christian Texts Database (CCT-Database).

JapSin II, 3-9
Chaoxingxue yao 超性學要. (Summa Theologiae)
Translated by Li Leisi 利類思 (Lodovico Buglio).
Thirty juan in thirty ce (ce 10 is missing), bound in eight volumes (including one duplicate volume), European style.

In the center of the title page the title of the book is given in four large characters. On the right the name of the translator is given: 極西利類思譯義, and on the left that of the publisher: 北京天主堂梓行. On the verso of this folio the translator’s name is given once more (耶穌會後學利類思譯義) together with the names of the censors: 金彌各 (Michel Trigault, 1602–1667), 郭納爵 (Inácio da Costa, 1603–1666), and 安文思 (Gabriel de Magalhães, 1611–1677). Permission for publication was given by Inácio da Costa, then Vice-Provincial (1658–1661).
There is a preface in two folios by Hu Shi’an 胡世安 (zi 壽靜, 1593–1663), a native of Chengdu, Sichuan, and a jinshi of 1628; for his biography, see Mingji beilüe 明季北略, juan 22. At the end of Hu’s preface there are two seals in black: 胡世安印 (seal characters in relief) and 菊漳氏 (seal characters, incised inscription). There is another preface by Buglio himself in three and one-half folios with the emblem of the Society of Jesus. There are some general remarks on the translation in six folios and a table of contents in nine folios.
Folio 1v of ce 11 bears the name of the translator 耶穌會後學利類思譯義, of the censor 閔明我訂 (Claudio Filippo Grimaldi) and of the Vice-Provincial who gave permission for publication 值會南懷仁准 (Ferdinand Verbiest). There is a preface by Buglio himself in three folios, dated 1676.
At the beginning of ce 17 (folio 1v) there are the names of the translator and those of the censors (as in ce 11). There is a preface by Gao Cengyun 高層雲 in five folios, at the end of which there are three seals in black: 高層雲印 (seal characters, incised inscription), 畟園 (seal characters in relief) and 丙辰進士 (jinshi of 1676). Gao Cengyun (1634–1690, hao 二鮑) was a native of Huating 華亭 (Jiangsu), cf. PCC, juan 54.
The following are the sections of the Summa Theologiae, translated by Buglio:

Pars Prima:
1. De Deo (six juan, ce 1–6; volume 1).
De Deo uno et trino (three juan, ce 7–9; volume 2).
De Creatione (one juan, ce 10, missing). These ten juan were published by the Catholic church in Beijing in 1654 (Shunzhi 11).

2. De Angelis (five juan, ce 11–15; volume 3). There is a duplicate of volume three (ce 11–15) in the Archive.
De Creatione rerum corporalium (one juan, ce 16; volume 4). These six juan were published in 1676 (Kangxi 15).

3. De Homine; De Anima (six juan, ce 17–22; volume 5).
De Corpore humano (two juan, ce 23–24; volume 6, part 1).
De Gubernatione (two juan, ce 25–26; volume 6, part 2). These ten juan were published in 1677 (Kangxi 16).

(Pars Secunda, not translated)

Pars Tertia:
1. De Incarnatione (four juan, ce 27–30, volume 7). These four juan were published in 1677–1678. (Magalhães’ book was published posthumously): Note that De resurrectione carnis (two juan) was also published by Gabriel de Magalhães in 1677–1678 (see Jap-Sin I, 108).

Fang Hao gave a list of different editions of the Chaoxingxue yao, preserved in China: The Catholic church of Xiwanzi (Siwantze) 西灣子 (Manchuria) has the whole collection (the same church keeps one ce of the collection). Chen Yuan 陳垣, formerly professor at the Catholic University of Peking, has the whole collection in twenty-one ce. The Beitang 北堂 Library has the whole collection. Hubert Verhaeren, C.M., of the Beitang Library had five ce. The Xujiahui 徐家匯 Library in Shanghai has the whole collection. The Xujiahui Library also has the reprinted collection (1932 ed.). Edition reprinted by the Synodal Commission of Peking 北京公教教育聯合會 (circa 1926). Edition reprinted by the Guangqi press 光啟社 (Shanghai, 1932), revised by Ma Xiangbo 馬相伯.

The Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris) possesses a copy of the table of contents of the entire Summa (four juan, Courant 6906), a copy of the translation of Pars prima (twenty-six juan, Courant 6907–6909; cf. 6910, duplicate of juan 1–6) and a copy of Buglio’s translation (Tianzhu jiangsheng 天主降生) of the first part (qq. 1–45) of Pars tertia (four juan, Courant 6911) and of De Magalhães’ translation (Fuhuolun, cf. Jap-Sin I, 108) of a part (pp. 75–86) of the supplement (not written by St. Thomas himself) to Pars tertia (two juan, Courant 7009). The British Museum possesses twenty-seven ce of this collection in twenty-two juan and the table of contents in four juan.

Cf. Pfister, pp. 239–240 (“Somme théologique” de St Thomas traduite en chinois, en 30 vol., plus 4 vol. pour les tables. Les tables sont complètes, mais la Somme n’est traduite qu’en partie); JWC 2:83–85; R.K. Douglas, Catalogue of Chinese Printed Books, Manuscripts and Drawings in the Library of the British Museum (London, 1877), p. 122; Henri Cordier, Essai d’une Bibliographie des ouvrages publiés en Chine par les Européens au XVIIe et XVIIIe Siècle (Paris, 1883), pp. 9–10; Hsü Tsung tse 徐宗澤 “Sheng Duomasi zhi Chaoxingxue yao yiben” 聖多瑪斯之超性學要譯本, in: Shengjiao zazhi 聖教雜誌 vol. 16, no. 11 (Shanghai, 1927); Zhang Jinshou 長金壽, “Lun Chaoxingxue yao ge banben zhi tong” 論超性學要各版本之同異 in: Shangzhi bianyiguan guankan 上智編譯館館刊, vol. 2, no. 1 (Peking, 1947).
Source: Albert Chan, S.J., Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, pp. 285-287.

Subject(s)Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274. Summa theologica--Translations into Chinese
Jesuits--China--Ming dynasty, 1368-1644--Contributions in theology
Theology--Catholic authors--China--Ming dynasty, 1368-1644
Theology, Doctrinal--China--History--Sources
Rec. TypeBook (Text in Collection)LanguageChinese 中文
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #14605