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Histoire d'une dame chrétienne de la Chine
AuthorCouplet, Philippe 柏應理, 1623-1693
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Date1750Phys. Desc.62 handwritten pages ; 22 cm. (bound in blue notebook covers)
LocationDigital Archives, and Rare Book CabinetCall NumberBX4705.X83 C6 1688m
Unsigned manuscript, undated (ca. 1750?).
Library device: Bibliotheca Major. Zikawei (L38)
This edition was examined and described by Dr. Gail King in Sino-Western Cultural Relations Journal XVIII (1996), pp. 47-48, as follows: " .... A manuscript copy of the French edition of Candida Xu’s biography is part of the Rouleau Collection on China collected by the late Francis A. Rouleau. S.J., and now housed in the Ricci Institute ... at the University of San Francisco. The manuscript is titled “Histoire d’une dame Chrétienne de la China Candida Hiu” below which is written “par le P. Philippe Couplet de la Cie de Jesus.” It is numbered L38, which probably refers to its original catalog number in the Xujiahui Library.132 A comparison of the handwriting with an example of that of Philippe Couplet shows it not to be Fr. Couplet’s writing."133

"An incomplete reading of the manuscript reveals that it is nearly identical with the printed version, with few but sometimes significant differences. One of these differences is a reference to the Shunzhi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong Emperors. A manuscript which refers to the Qianlong Emperor (r. 1735-1795) must have been copied after 1735. Hence the manuscript cannot predate the edition of the book printed in 1688. I suggest that the manuscript is an unpublished attempt to update the biography. This theory is supported by the fact that the portions of the book that tie it specifically to persons and events of the 1680’s, when it was first written, are omitted from the manuscript. These include the first paragraph of the book presenting it to “Madame the Marchioness ... “ and the section of the 1688 edition from the bottom of page 147 through mid-page 151, in which Fr. Couplet talks about the Duchess of Aveiro and other benefactors of the China mission of his day, the sending of the French Jesuit mathematicians to the Chinese court, and the French mission to Siam. The manuscript ends with the paragraph corresponding to the last half of page 151 of the 1688 edition, further omitting the final section which reads, "Tandis que je teray profession d’etre jusqua’au bout du Monde, & à l’extremité de ma vie, Madame, Votre tres humble & tres obeissant serviteur, P.C. Procureur General des Missions de la Chine, de la Compagnie de Jesus." (pp. 151-152) The imprimatur dated November 3, 1687 is also omitted. I suspect that the manuscript was done during the eighteenth century, after 1735 and before 1774 when the Jesuits in Peking learned of the final suppression of the Society of Jesus by order of Pope Clement XIV."

N.B. The following (French 1688 edition) is for information only. (See OCLC # 15232567 for holdings info)>
Couplet, Philippe, 1632-1692. [Historia nobilis Feminae Candidae Hiu, Christianae Sinensis. French.]
Histoire d'une dame chrétienne de la Chine, ou, Par occasion les usages de ces peuples, l'établissement de la religion, les manieres des missionaires, & les exercices de pieté des nouveaux chrétiens sont expliquez.
A Paris : Chez Estienne Michallet, 1688. 151 p. : ill. ; 16 cm. (12mo). Translation of: Historia nobilis Feminae Candidae Hiu, Christianae Sinensis. Running title: Histoire d'une dame de la Chine. Backer-Sommervogel, II, 563, no. 8.
Subject headings: Hiu, Madame, d. 1680. -- Christians--China--Biography.
Cf. Standaert, Handbook of Christianity in China, v. 1: pp. 292, 394, 420, 428, 431 (Bibliography), 581, 601.
Dig. file local access only. [DameChretien.pdf]

Subject(s)Xu, Candida 徐甘弟大, 1607-1680
Chinese Christian women--17th century--Biography
Chinese Christians--17th century--Biography
Rec. TypeManuscript, and Manuscript (digital)LanguageFrench
CollectionRouleau ArchivesRec. #1461