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Wuwei biao 五緯表 [Jap-Sin II, 26]
AuthorRho, Giacomo 羅雅谷, 1592-1638
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Date1635Phys. Desc.10 juan + 1 juan (intro).
Full bibliographic citation see: Ad Dudink & Nicolas Standaert, Chinese Christian Texts Database (CCT-Database).

JapSin II, 26
Wuwei biao 五緯表.
By Luo Yagu 羅雅谷 (Giacomo Rho).
Ten juan and one introductory juan. Bamboo paper in eleven volumes, bound in one volume, European style.
No date or place of publication.

The cover bears a label with the title and a Latin inscription: “Motus quinque | planetarum | a patre Jac. Rho | S.J. | Continet 10 tomos: praeter hunc praeliminarem.”
There are nine columns in each half folio, with twenty-two characters in the first column of each paragraph and twenty-one in the rest of the columns of the paragraph. Annotations are give in smaller type and in double columns. The title of the book is given in the middle of each folio together with the number of the juan, the title of the chapter and the number of the folio. The table of contents is given at the beginning of the preliminary volume (folio 1–2). Folio 3 mentions the collection (Xiyang xinfa lishu) and the section to which the text belongs: 西洋新法曆書五緯表首卷諸表原, the chief compilers of the collection (Xu Guangqi and Li Tianjing): 明太子太保禮部尚書兼文淵閣大學士徐光啟,山東布政使右參政李天經督修, the author (Rho) and the reviser (Schall): 修政曆法極西耶穌會士羅雅谷撰,湯若望訂, and the proofreaders (Zhu Maoyuan, Liu Youqing, Wu Mingzhu, Li Zubai, Zhu Tingshu and Jia Liangqi): 門人祝懋元,劉有慶,鄔明著,李祖白,朱廷樞,賈良琦受法.

Juan 1: Folio 1r bears the following title: 西洋曆法新法曆書,法數部,五緯表一,土星上. This volume deals with the planet Saturn (part 2). The chief compilers, the author and the reviser are the same as in the preliminary juan (see above). The proofreaders are: Wei Banglun 魏邦綸, Bao Yingqi 鮑英齊, Zhu Tingshu, Song Fa 宋發, Li Cibin 李次[广+木+木+木+木+彡], and Sun Youben 孫有本.
Juan 2: This section details Saturn (part 2). The proofreaders are: Huang Hongxian 黃宏憲, Zhang Youzhuan 掌有篆, Zhu Tingshu, Liu Yunde 劉蘊德, Wu Mingzhu, and Wu Zhiyan 武之彥.
Juan 3: The planet Jupiter is discussed (part 1). The proofreaders are: Yang Zhihua 楊之華, Zhou Shitai 周士泰, Zhu Tingshu, Liu Youtai 劉有泰, Cheng Tingrui 程廷瑞, and Zuo Yunhe 左允和.
Juan 4: This section also deals with the planet Jupiter (part 2). The proofreaders are: Pan Guoxiang 潘國祥, Zhou Shicui 周士萃, Zhu Tingshu, Ge Jiwen 戈繼文, Wei Banglun 魏邦綸, and Xu Huan 徐瑍.
Juan 5 & 6: Discusses the planet Mars (part 1–2). The proofreaders are: Zhu Guangda 朱光大, Jia Liangqi, Zhu Tingshu, Liu Youqing, Zhang Caichen 張寀臣, and Song Fa.
Juan 7: In this section the planet Venus is illustrated (part 1). The proofreaders are: Zhu Guoshou 朱國壽, Zhu Tingshu, Zhu Guangxian 朱光顯, Huang Hongxian, and Song Keli 宋可立.
Juan 8: This sections also deals with the planet Venus (part 2). The proofreaders are: Zhu Maoyuan, Zhang Cheng 掌乘, Zhu Tingshu, Li Zubai, Yang Zhihua, and Song Kecheng 宋可成.
Juan 9: The planet Mercury is described here (part 1). The proofreaders are: Zhu Guangda, Zhang Cheng, Zhu Tingshu, Li Zubai, Song Fa, and Jiao Yingxu 焦應旭.
Juan 10: This section continues to detail the planet Mercury (part 2). The proofreaders are: Huang Hongxian, Jia Liangqi, Zhu Tingshu, Liu Youtai, Pan Guoxiang, and Jiao Yingxu.

Source: Albert Chan, S.J., Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, pp. 309-310.

Subject(s)Planets--Early works to 1800
Solar system
Rec. TypeBook (stitch-bound 線裝本)LanguageChinese 中文
CollectionARSIRec. #14687