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Bianzhitang dingzheng Shijing shuoyue jijie 辨志堂訂正詩經說約集解. [Jap-Sin II, 92]
AuthorFan Zhiheng 范之恆
Wan Jing 萬經, 1659–1741
Pub. LocationNingbo 寧波PublisherXishuangtang 西爽堂
Date1688Phys. Desc.8 juan in 4 ce.
JapSin II, 92
Bianzhitang dingzheng Shijing shuoyue jijie 辨志堂訂正詩經說約集解.
Compiled by Fan Zhiheng 范之恆 (zi 稼軒) of Ningbo and Wan Jing 萬經 (zi 授一, 1659–1741).
Eight juan. Bamboo paper in four ce bound in one volume, European style. Published in 1688 (Kangxi 27) by the Xishuangtang 西爽堂.

The title page gives the title of the book (A collection of commentaries on the Shijing revised under the care of the Bianzhitang). On the top is the date when the woodblocks were engraved. On the right top the names of the compilers are given. On the left top there are two lines that read: 彙集注疏大全朱子全書先儒 | 經解疏義嫏嬛衍義正解諸書. On the lower left is the name of the publisher. There are three seals in red: 舉業準繩,翻印必究 and 研窮義理精秪辨析古今同異.
There is a preface (three folios) by Zheng Liang 鄭梁 (hao 寒村) of Ciqi 慈谿 (Zhejiang), followed by two wooden carved seals in black: 寒村 and (illegible). Another preface (two and one-half folios), dated 1688 (Kangxi 27) is by Huang Baijia 黃百家 (zi 主一, b. 1643, ECCP 1:353) of Yaojiang 姚江 (Zhejiang), followed by two seals: 忠端之孫梨洲之子 (grandson of Huang Zunsu 黃尊素, 1584–1626, and son of Huang Zongxi 黃宗羲, 1610–1695) and 原名百學. There is an introduction (one and one-half folios) by the compilers, Fan Zhiheng and Wan Jing (ECCP 2:800).
Each folio of this book is divided into two sections. The upper section gives the comments of different scholars, while the lower section gives the comments by Zhu Xi. In the top section of folio 1 of juan 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 the names of the compilers are given together with the names of the proofreaders (Wu Benli and Qian Zhungsheng): 新安吳本立令樹,同里錢中盛又起參.

The aim of this book as well as of other commentaries on the Classics published by the Bianzhitang was to help students who were going to partake in the government examinations. Zheng Liang in his preface puts it clearly that if students who were to sit for the government examinations had studied the Classics thoroughly they would without doubt succeed in their examinations. The preface of Huang Baijia and the introduction agree that it was not always possible for all to master the Classics, hence there was need to compile clear and useful commentaries on the Classics to help the students.

For other copies, see NBC, p. 11, and Courant 2750. For Bianzhitang editions of commentaries on the Classics, see Courant 2679 (Yijing), 2728 (Shijing) and 2903 (FourBooks).

Source: Albert Chan, S.J., Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, pp. 405-406.

Subject(s)Shijing 詩經--Commentaries
Shijing 詩經--Study and teaching
Chinese classics--Study and teaching
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文
CollectionARSIRec. #14748