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Science and civilisation in China
AuthorNeedham, Joseph, 1900-1995
Pub. LocationCambridge, Eng.PublisherCambridge University Press
Date1954-Phys. Desc.v.1-5 : ill., maps ; 26 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberDS721.N39 1954
Science and civilisation in China / By Joseph Needham, with the research assistance of Wang Ling ; [later vols. with the collaboration of Lu Gwei-Djen].
Half title of some vols in Chinese: Zhongguo kexue jishu shi 中國科學技術史.
Includes bibliographies and indexes.
N.B.: Library has vol. 1-5 ONLY in various reprint editions. See Gleeson Library for complete set.

v. 1. Introductory orientations.--v. 2. History of scientific thought.--v. 3. Mathematics and the sciences of the heavens and the earth.--v. 4. Physics and physical technology: pt. 1. Physics, with the collaboration of Wang Ling and the special co-operation of Kenneth Girdwood Robinson. pt. 2. Mechanical engineering. pt. 3. Civil engineering and nautics with the collaboration of Wang Ling and Lu Gwei-Djen.--v. 5. Chemistry and chemical technology: pt. 1. Paper and printing / by Tsien Tsuen-hsuin. pt. 2. Spagyrical discovery and invention: magisteries of gold and immortality, with the collaboration of Lu Gwei-Djen. pt. 3. Spagyrical discovery and invention: historical survey, from cinnabar elixirs to synthetic insulin. pt. 4. Spagyrical discovery and invention: apparatus, theories, and gifts. pt. 5. Spagyrical discovery and invention : physiological alchemy / with the collaboration of Lu Gwei-Djen. pt. 6. Military technology, missiles and sieges. pt. 7. Military technology, the gunpowder epic. pt. 9. Textile technology, spinning and reeling / by Dieter Kuhn. pt. 13. Mining / by Peter J. Golas.--v. 6. Biology and biological technology. pt. 1. Botany. pt. 2. Agriculture / by Francesca Bray. pt. 3. Agro-industries and forestry / by Christian Daniels, Nicholas K. Menzies. pt. 5. Fermentations and food science / by H.T. Huang. pt. 6. Medicine -- v. 7. Language and logic / by Christoph Harbsmeier. pt. 1-
Publisher description: http://www.loc.gov/catdir/description/cam022/54004723.html
Table of contents: http://www.loc.gov/catdir/toc/cam022/54004723.html (above for v. 6, pt. 5).

Rec. TypeBookLanguageEnglish, Chinese
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #14890