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Under Confucian eyes : writings on gender in Chinese history
AuthorMann, Susan
Cheng, Yu-Yin
Pub. LocationBerkeleyPublisherUniversity of California Press
Date2001Phys. Desc.xiii, 310 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
LocationDirector's OfficeCall NumberHQ1767.U53 2001
Edited by Susan Mann and Yu-Yin Cheng.

Biography of the Daoist saint Wang Fengxian / by Du Guangting (850-933) ; translated by Suzanne Cahill -- Biography of the great compassionate one of Xiangshan / by Jiang Zhiqi (1031-1104) ; Translated by Chün-Fang Yü -- The book of filial piety for women / attributed to a women née Zheng (ca. 730) ; translated by Patricia Buckley Ebrey -- Funerary writings / by Chen Liang (1143-1194) ; translated by Beverly Bossler -- "The customs of various barbarians" / by Li Jing (1251-?) ; translated by Jacqueline M. Armijo-Hussein -- Selected writings / by Luo Rufang (1515-1588) ; translated by Yu-Yin Cheng -- Final instructions / by Yang Jisheng (1516-1555) ; translated by Beverly Bossler -- "Record of past karma" / by Ji Xian (1614-1683) ; translated by Grace S. Fong -- "Letter to my sons" / by Gu Ruopu (1592-ca.1681) ; translated by Dorothy Ko -- Personal letters in seventeenth-century epistolary guides / translated by Kathryn Lowry -- Letters by women of the Ming-Qing period / translated by Yu-Yin Cheng -- Selected short works / by Wang Duanshu (1621-after 1701) ; translated by Ellen Widmer -- Two ghost stories from Liaozhai's records of the strange / by Pu Songling (1640-1715) ; translated by Judith T. Zeitlin -- Two biographies / by Zhang Xuecheng (1738-1801) ; translated by Susan Mann -- Poems on tea-picking / translated by Weijing Lu -- Drinking wine and reading "Encountering sorrow": a reflection in disguise / by Wu Zao (1799-1862) ; translated Sophie Volpp -- A brief record of the eastern ocean / by Ding Shaoyi (fl. 1847) ; translated by Emma Jinhua Teng -- The "eating crabs" youth book / translated by Mark C. Elliott.

Includes bibliographical references (p. [285]-308).
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Women in literature--China
Rec. TypeLanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #153