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Gotai Shinbunkan yakukai 五體淸文鑑譯解. [Wuti Qingwen jian 五體清文鑑]
AuthorTamura Jitsuzō 田村實造 [田村実造], 1904-1999
Imanishi Shunjū 今西春秋, b.1907
Satō Hisashi 佐藤長, 1914-2008
Kyōto Daigaku 京都大學. Nairiku Ajia Kenkyūjo 內陸アジア硏究所
Pub. LocationKyōto-shi 京都市PublisherKyōto Daigaku Bungakubu Nairiku Ajia Kenkyūjo 京都大學文學部內陸アジア硏究所
Date1966-1968Phys. Desc.2 v. (xxv, 1075, 29 p. ; ix, 674, 3, 2 p.) : ill. ; 26 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberP361.W82 1966
Gotai Shinbunkan yakukai 五體淸文鑑譯解 [Gotai Shinbunkan yakkai. Gotai Shinbun kan yakukai淸文鑑譯解] / Tamura Jitsuzō, Imanishi Shunjū, Satō Hisashi kyōhen 田村實造, 今西春秋, 佐藤長共編.
Flyleaf: Wu-tʻi Chʻing-wên-chien, translated and explained.

Shōwa 昭和41-43 [1966-1968]
Forward & notes also in English.
Vol. 1 text, vol. 2 Index.

"淸文鑑譯解 is a quintolingual Manchu dictionary, in which the Manchu vocabulary is given the corresponding Tibetan, Mongol, Uighur and Chinese. In Text Volume all of the words are Romanized, except Chinese....Japanese equivalents are added and also explanations in Japanese, based on 增訂清文鑑, are given to form a veritable sexolingual Manchu encylopaedia….The present work is based on a photographic reproduction of 五體清文鑑 MSS., preserved in the Old Palace of Fêng-t’ien (Shên-yang 瀋陽) 奉天故宮, printed from the negatives taken in situ by Dr. Torajirō Naitō 內藤虎次郎 and Tōru Haneda 羽田亨 in 1912....."--Forward.

Subject(s)Manchu language--Dictionaries--Polyglot
Rec. TypeBookLanguageMultilang.
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #16439