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Sino-Western Cultural Relations Journal XIX (1997)
AuthorMungello, D.E.
Entenmann, Robert Eric
Menegon, Eugenio 梅歐金
Ly, André [Li Ande 李安德], 1692?-1774
Pub. LocationWaco, TXPublisherBaylor University Dept. of History
Date1997Phys. Desc.68 p. ; ill. ; 21 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBV3410
D.E. Mungello 孟德衛, SWCRJ Editor.
Issues 1-10 entitled: China Mission Studies (1550-1800) Bulletin.
Cover title also in Chinese: Zhong-Xi wenhua jiaoliushi zazhi 中西文化交流史雜誌 [Zhongguo Tianzhujiaoshi yanjiu 中國天主教史研究].
Abstracted and indexed in Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life.

Cover: Stone rubbing from the tombstone of Fr. António de Magalhães (1692-1735) at Zhalan Cemetery, Beijing. -- Necrology of Dr. John Dragon Young (楊意龍博士)(1949-1996) -- R. Entenmann, Andreas Ly (Li Ande 李安德) on the First Jinchuan War in Western Sichuan (1747-1949) -- E. Menegon, Newly Available Manchu Documents Pertaining to Sino-Western Relations in the Kangxi Period.
Reviews: Edward Malatesta, Departed, Yet Present: Zhalan, the Oldest Christian Cemetery in Beijing (D.E.Mungello); Mme de Bossierre, Jean-François Gerbillon, S.J. (1654-1707), un des Cinq Mathématiciens Envoyés en Chine par Louis XIV (Rita Widmaier). News: Symposium on the History of Christianity in China (Hong Kong, 1996). Report on the Research Project “A Confucian Reflection on the Enlightenment Mentality” (Dominic Sachsenmaier).

N.B. Dr. Menegon translates Kangxichao Manwen zhupi zouzhe quanyi 康熙朝滿文朱批奏折全譯 as: A translation of the complete collection of Manchu language secret memorials with vermilion endorsements of the Kangxi period. He notes: "Approximately 125 Manchu memorials deal with the presence of the Jesuits at the Qing court, the Tournon legation, and Qing relations with Western powers..." and lists their occurences.
N.B. Translated passages from Ly’s journal cover the First Jinchuan 金川 War (1747-1749) fought between the Qing and the rGyal-rong people of the Sichuan-Tibetan frontier.

Subject(s)First Jinchuan War (1747-1749)--Personal narratives
Sichuan Sheng 四川省--History, Military--Sources
Kangxichao Manwen zhupi zouzhe quanyi 康熙朝滿文朱批奏折全譯--Memorials concerning Christianity
China--History--Qing dynasty, 1644-1911--Sources
Jinchuan Xian 金川縣--History--Sources
Ly, André [Li Ande李安德], 1692?-1774--Diaries
Rec. TypeSerial (Annual)LanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #1648