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Sino-Western Cultural Relations Journal XXIV (2002)
AuthorMungello, D.E.
Chaves, Jonathan 齊皎瀚
Collani, Claudia von
Dudink, Ad 杜鼎克
Pub. LocationWaco, TXPublisherBaylor University Dept. of History
Date2002Phys. Desc.76 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBV3410
D.E. Mungello, SWCRJ Editor.
Issues 1-10 entitled: China Mission Studies (1550-1800) Bulletin.
Cover title also in Chinese: Zhong-Xi wenhua jiaoliushi zazhi 中西文化交流史雜誌 [Zhongguo Tianzhujiaoshi yanjiu 中國天主教史研究].
Articles abstracted and indexed in Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life.

Cover: "Young Lady Dressed as a Farm Woman," a woodcut from the series One-hundred Pictures of Scholarly Ladies 仕女百圖 by Wu Jiayou 吳嘉猷 (d. 1893).
Federico Masini et al: Necrology of Prof. Giuliano Bertuccioli 伯佐良教授. -- Jonathan Chaves: Gathering Tea for God. -- Claudia von Collani: Portrait of an Emperor: Joachim Bouvet’s Picture of the Kangxi Emperor of 1697. -- Adrian Dudink: Tianzhu jiaoyao, the Catechism (1605) Published by M. Ricci. -- New publications. -- Letter to the Editor: Adrian Hsia.

Prof. Chaves article includes text, translation, and commentary of Shengjiao caichage 聖教採茶歌 “Tea-Gatherers’ Songs of the Holy Teaching (i.e., Holy Church)”, a set of 13 Christian poems (twelve months plus intercalary month 閏月) from the collection Shengjiao shici gefu 聖教詩詞歌賦, “Poems and Songs of the Holy Teaching” constituting Ms. Chin.d.51 in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.

Subject(s)Christian poetry, Chinese--Collections--History and criticism
Tea--China--Poetry--Religious symbolism
Bouvet, Joachim 白晉, 1656-1730. Portrait historique de l'Empereur de la Chine, présenté au Roy
Jesuits--Missions--China--History--17th-18th centuries--Sources
Ricci, Matteo 利瑪竇, 1552-1610. Tianzhu jiaoyao 天主教要--History, Textual
Catechisms, Chinese--17th century
Rec. TypeSerial (Annual)LanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #1663