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Pertenece al Aparador fuera de la pared Cax. No. 4. Ytalones y China. [Lilly Ms.21542. Lot 511 v.1-2]
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Date1645-1710Phys. Desc.Dig pdf.
LocationDigital ArchivesCall NumberDig.
Pertenece al Aparador fuera de la pared Cax. No. 4. Ytalones y China. [Lilly Ms.21542, Lot 511 v.1-2 Phillipps 8293 & 8294.
Items: mission expenditures, chocolate, etc.
This codex comprizes 491 leaves (some 40 of which are blank). Most of the letters and other documents inserted therein are written on Chinese paper. The majority are written in Spanish; and when Latin, Portuguese, Chinese or another language has used, this has been noted…. The bulk of the documents deals with the Spanish Augustinian mission maintained in China by the Philippine Province of that Order between 1680 and 1721; the years 1680-1710 being especially richly represented. There are a number of earlier materials relating to the controversy over the Chinese rites ca. 1645-47, and there are also a number of original letters and documents originating from Jesuit, Franciscan, and Dominican missionaries in China, as also the French priests of the Missions Etrangeres and the Vicars Apostolic, who were active in the years 1680-1721. Much of the correspondence originates at Canton and Macao; but there are also many letters from Augustinian and other missionaries written from their stations in the provinces of Kwangtung, Fukien, Kiangsi, and elsewhere. A few odd letters originate from as far away as Batavia, Malacca, and Goa.
See Boxer catalog for description.
Chinese Rites controversy--Sources
Catholic Church--Missions--China--History--Sources
Rec. TypeManuscript (digital)LanguageMultilang.
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #17246