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Claudia von Collani Archival Documents on the Chinese Rites
AuthorCollani, Claudia von
Rule, Paul A. 魯保祿
Biblioteca nazionale centrale Vittorio Emanuele II di Roma
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Daten.a.Phys. Desc.3 CD's [20 folders : 5215 .tif images]
LocationDigital ArchivesCall NumberCvC collection
Archive consists of source documents concerning the Chinese Rites controversy chiefly from the Biblioteca nazionale centrale Vittorio Emanuele (BNC.VE) collected and microfilmed by Claudia von Collani. Microfilms were converted into .tif images in folders according to microform document roll/reel numbers. A catalog was compiled by Dr. von Collani and an enhanced and enlarged index was created by Dr. Paul Rule, editor of the Rites history project. We have retained the folder/reel organization, and each reel is indexed and cataloged by content and topic. Documents are chiefly in Latin with a host of other European languages.
Folder [reel] 1 begins here. Successive folders to follow.

Reel 1 BNC FG 1246 [positive]
[CvC Mcf Roll 1, on CD1] BNC.VE Ges. 1246/1 ff. 3r-19v. [TIF00010005- 23]
Acta Illustrissimi D. Maigrot Episcopi Cononensis in Aula Pekinensi Imperatoris Sinarum extracta ex documentis authenticis missis ad S. Pontificem ab Imperatore Peking, 19 December 1706 (17ff)

BNC.VE Ges. 1246/2 ff. 22-122. [TIF100022-123 ]
Gesta per Rev. Patrem Fray Didacum Collado Ordinis Praedicatorum Procuratoris Provinciae S.mi Rosarii in Insulis Philippinis in Romana, et Regis Catholici Curia in causa proponens pro Religionibus Sanctorum Dominici Francisci, et Augustini contra Patres Societatis Jesu.
Gesta per Rev. Patrem Franc. Baptistam Morales Ordinis Praedicatorum Procuratorem Provinciae Sanctissimi Rosarij in Insulis Philippinis in causa Regni Sinarum, seu Chinarum pro Religionibus Sanctorum Dominici Francisci contra Patres Societatis Jesu. [on BNC tp & tp of ms]
But on first page of ms (f.24r): Relacion del progresso de los negotios de las Misiones del Japon para inteligencia de los papeles y copias que quedan en Roma’.
Ms. Spanish. Author not named but probably a Dominican in Rome. Seems to stop in mid sentence and never gets to Morales so entirely about grievances of Friars in Japan against the Jesuits.

BNC.VE Ges. 1246/3 ff. 125r-222v. [TIF100124- 225. TIF225 blank]
Giovanni Francesco Nicolai da Leonessa OFM
Scripturae exhibitae ab Ill.mo ac R.mo Domino Fr. Ioanne Francisco de Nicolais Episcopi Beritensis
Animadversiones P. Francisci Noël Procuratoris Sinensis Societatis Jesu in scripturas Ill.mi ac R.mi D.ni Fr. Joannis Francisci de Nicolais Episcopi Beritensis

BNC.VE Ges. 1246/4 ff. 228r-293r. (followed by several blank pages) [TIF100226-297]
Kilian Stumpf
Compendium actorum Pekinensium 1705-1706
Peking, 1. November 1706 (65ff)
’Cop. d Pekino’ (f.226) Attested at the end by Antoine Thomas as the work of Stumpf.
A copy, not in hand of Thomas but could be Joseph Suarez.

BNC.VE Ges. 1246/5 ff. 297-325. [TIF 00010298-328]
Memorial del Procurador de Japon de la Compania de Jesus para el rey Nro S.or [BNC title]
Apologia Societatis contra calumnias ipsi irrogatas a F. Joanne de S.ta Maria Provinciali Franciscanorum in Indies Occidentales. (tp f.298)

BNC.VE Ges. 1246/6 ff. 328-363. [TIF 00010328-365 ]
Facultas et privilegia concessa PP. Gallis apud Sinas et Indos degentibus a R. P. N. Generali ad instantiam Regis Christianissimi
Unsigned and not dated [CvC gives 1704 but separation granted 1700].

Subject(s)Chinese Rites controversy--Sources
China--Church history--Sources
Rec. TypeDigital archivesLanguageLatin
CollectionCvCRec. #17260