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Religion, globalization and culture
AuthorBeyer, Peter, 1949-
Beaman, Lori G.
Pub. LocationLeidenPublisherBrill
Date2007Phys. Desc.dig.pdf. [vii, 608 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.]
LocationDigital ArchivesCall NumberBL51.R4785 2007d
Religion, globalization and culture / edited by Peter Beyer and Lori Beaman.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Local access [Beyer & Beaman - Religion Globalization.pdf]

Global Millennialism: A Postmortem on Secularization / Roland Robertson -- The Cultural and Religious Character of World Society / George M. Thomas -- Sacred Place and Sacred Power: Conceptual Boundaries and the Marginalization of Religious Practices / Meredith McGuire / Globalization, Migration and the Two Types of Religious Boundary: A European Perspective / Margit Warburg -- Rethinking Secularization: A Global Comparative Perspective / Jose Casanova -- Religion as Identity and Contestation / John H. Simpson -- Globalization, Religion and Empire in Asia / Bryan S. Turner -- Globalization and the Institutional Modeling of Religions / Peter Beyer -- Religious Resurgence, Conflict and the Transformation of Boundaries / Gary D. Bouma -- Religious Organizations / John Boli and David V. Brewington -- 'Religion' in Global Culture: New Directions in an Increasingly Self-Conscious World / James V. Spickard -- Globalization and New Religious Movements / Elisabeth Arweck -- Religion and Phases of Globalization / George Van Pelt Campbell -- Religion and Ecology in the Context of Globalization / Laurel Kearns -- Religious Opposition to Globalization / William A. Stahl -- Religion and Exclusion/Marginalization: Globalized Pentecostalism among Hispanics in Newark, N.J. / Otto Maduro -- Religion and Global Flows / Michael Wilkinson -- Religion and the State: The Letter of the Law and the Negotiation of Boundaries / Lori Beaman -- Religion, Law, and Human Rights / James T. Richardson -- Religious Pluralism in a Local and Global Perspective: Images of die Prophet Mohammed Seen in a Danish and a Global Context / Ole Riis -- Globalization and Religion: The Cases of Japan and Korea / Nobutaka Inoue -- The Global Migration of Sufi Islam to South Asia and Beyond / Rubina Ramji -- Hinduism, Gurus, and Globalization / Shandip Saha -- Globalization and the Conflict of Values in Middle Eastern Societies / Enzo Pace -- Sub-Saharan Africa / Afe Adogame -- Religions in Contemporary Europe in the Context of Globalization / Vasilios Makrides -- Latin America: The "Other Christendom", Pluralism and Globalization / Paul Freston.

Religion and culture
Globalization--Religious aspects
SeriesInternational studies in religion and society ; 6
Rec. TypeDigital Book (PDF)LanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #17706
ISBN9789004154070 ; 9004154078LCCN2007039901OCLC166358242