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Mémoires concernant l’histoire, les sciences, les arts, les mœurs, les usages, &c. des Chinois: Par les Missionnaires de Pékin. [Mémoires concernant les Chinois]
AuthorAmiot, Jean-Joseph-Marie 錢德明, 1718-1793
Gaubil, Antoine 宋君榮, 1689-1759
Cibot, Pierre-Martial 韓國英, 1727-1780
Poirot, Louis de 賀清泰, 1735-1813
Bourgeois, François 趙進修, 1723-1792
Pub. LocationParisPublisherNyon aîsné
Date1776-1814Phys. Desc.dig.pdf & xdw [16 vols]
LocationDigital ArchivesCall NumberDS708.M46 1776d
Mémoires concernant l’histoire, les sciences, les arts, les mœurs, les usages, & c. des Chinois: Par les Missionnaires de Pékin. Paris: Nyon aîsné, 1776-1814. (Vols. 15-16, Paris and Strasbourg: Treuttel et Würtz, 1791 and 1814). Often referred to as Mémoires concernant les Chinois.

"...Eighteenth century Jesuit mission monographs and reports. The contributions of Joseph-Marie Amiot, Pierre-Martial Cibot, and Antoine Gaubil are preponderant. Amoit’s 350-page essay on the antiquity of the Chinese as proved by their monuments is in vol. 2; his monograph on Chinese music and musical instruments is in vol. 6; his renditions of three of the Seven Military Classics and two mid Qing military drill manuals are in vols. 7 and 8 (note); his 40-page life of Koung-tse (“appellee vulgairement Confucius”) is in vol. 12; his 230-page chronological table of the Chinese empire is in vol. 13; and his scoop reporting on the Siku quanshu 四庫全書 is in vols. 13 and 15 (Europe’s and America’s first information on the imperial collection). Cibot contributed about 100 studies on all kinds of Chinese manufactures and commodities. These are scattered in most of the volumes. Gaubil’s pioneering 500-page chronological history of the Tang, Abrégé de l’histoire chinoise de la grande dynastie des T’ang (completed by 1753) is in vols 15-16. It was, he says, based on the 21 Histories, the Tongjian 通鑑, the Tongjian gangmu 通鑑綱目, and the Lidai jishi nianbiao 歷代紀事年表. His studies of Chinese chronology are also in vol. 16 (based, he says, on Tse-tchikang-kien-ta-tuen [probably Zizhi gangjian zhengshi daquan 資治綱鑑正史大全. Zhong Xing 鐘惺, ed. end Ming]). Vol. 10 contains a 300-page general index to vols 1-10 (Cordier also lists all the contents). For a background to the Mémoires, see Dehergne, 1983. -– Cf. Wilkinson,Chinese history, a new manual. p. 398.

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Confucianism--China--History of doctrines
Music, Chinese--History and criticism
Rec. TypeDigital text [pdf]LanguageFrench
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #17716