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Ts'ai Mao-t'ang papers [Cai Maotang 蔡懋棠]
AuthorCai Maotang 蔡懋棠, 1922-1978
Sweeten, Alan Richard
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Date1971-1974Phys. Desc.1 folder [manuscript (2, 40 p.), 6 docs.]
LocationFile Cabinet ACall NumberDS895.C35 S9 1971
Ts'ai Mao-t'ang papers,
Handwritten notebook in Cai's hand, with xerox copies of petitions and one letter with English translation dated Aug.1, 1971. The letter is a commentary on his arrest and gratitude for supporters efforts on his behalf.

1. Memoirs (notebook mss, Chinese, 40 pp.)
2. Photocopy of handwritten copy of 1953 “court” recordings indicting Ts’ai (Chinese, 16 pp.)
3. Photocopy of 1971 “court” summons (Chinese, 2 pp.)
4. Photocopy of 1971 “court” ruling (Chinese, 2 pp.)
5. Photocopy of Ts’ai’s message to Stanford Center students (Chinese, 2 pp.; English, 1 p.)
6. Photocopy of Stanford University student newspaper article, 21 Oct. 1971 (English, 1 p.)
7. Explanatory information from Alan Richard Sweeten (2 pp.).

Subject(s)Cai Maotang 蔡懋棠,1922-1978
Political prisoners--Taiwan--1945-1975
Taiwan 臺灣--Politics and government--1945-1975
February 28, 1947 Incident, Taiwan [二二八事件]
Xie Xuehong 謝雪紅, 1901-1970
Rec. TypeManuscript, and Manuscript (digital)LanguageChinese, English
CollectionRicci Institute Library [ASCC]Rec. #18168