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Kinsei insatsushi to Iezusu kaikei eiri hon 近世印刷史とイエズス会系絵 入り本. [The History of Early Modern Printing and Jesuit Illustrated Books. Japanese]
AuthorAsami Masakazu 浅見雅一, 1962-
Pub. LocationTōkyō 東京PublisherKeiō Gijuku Daigaku 慶應義塾大学
Date2014Phys. Desc.249, [4] p. : ill. : 22 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberZ186.J3 A73 2014
近世印刷史とイエズス会系「絵入り本」= The History of Early Modern Printing and Jesuit Illustrated Books / 編者〕浅見 雅一 .
Title and table of contents also in English.

Asami Masakazu. Preface: The Jesuit missionary enterprise and the printing of illustrated books.

Part I: Jesuits and Books.
M. Antoni J. Üçerler, S.J. Missionary printing in Asia and the Americas in the age of exploration. -- Asami Masakazu. Martyrdom records and the lives of saints during Japan’s “Christian Century”: from Europe to Japan. -- Lee Won Soon. The introduction of Western books translated into Chinese by Jesuit missionaries to Korea and their influence.

Part II: Illustrated books.
Kawamura Shinzo, S.J. A comparison of illustrated devotional books printed in Japan with their original European editions. -- José Miguel Pinto dos Santos. Illustrations in the early editions of Marcos Jorge’s Christian Doctrine. -- Asami Masakazu. António Francisco Cardim, S.J. and his illustrated record of Japanese martyrdom (1646): a study of the martyrs’ portraits. -- Maeda Nobuhito. The First New Chronicle and Good Government by Guaman Poma de Ayala (c.1535-ca.1615) -- Asami Masakazu & Ahn Jung Won. The portrait of Candida Xu in The Life of the Noble Lady Candida Xu (1688) by Philippe Couplet, S.J.

Part III: Institutes and Research Trends.
Wu Xiaoxin. Legacies, efforts and resources: the Ricci Institute and its efforts to promote cross-cultural understanding through the study of Christianity in China. --Ahn Jung Won. The history of the Korean Catholic Church and the Research Foundation of Korean Church History. -- Ueno Daisuke. Buddhist illustrated books in the Edo period.

Includes bibliographical references.
平成21~25年度 文部科学省私立大学戦略的研究基盤形成支援事業「15~17世紀における絵入り本の世界的比較研究の基盤形成」報告書.

Illustrated books--Japan
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