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Peiwen yunfu 佩文韻府
AuthorZhang Yushu 張玉書, 1642-1711
Pub. LocationLingnan 嶺南PublisherPanshi Haishanxianguan 潘氏海山僊館
Date1900Phys. Desc.140 v. [lib has 1-66 only] ; 24 cm.
LocationGold RoomCall NumberCase W Row 1:1 [AE4.P4 1900]
Peiwen yunfu 佩文韻府 : [106卷] / [Zhang Yushu deng fengchi zhuan 張玉書等奉敕撰].
No date or place of publication. Preface dated: 康熙50 [1711].
Appears to be late 19th century binding. Data based on OCLC record for 140 vol. edition.
Spine numbering indicates 140 (一至百四) vols. Library has vol. 1-66 only.

"Commissioned by Qing Shengzu 清聖祖 [Kangxi 康熙] in 1704; compiled by Zhang Yushu 張玉書 ... [et al.] and completed in 1711; Yunfu shiyi 韻府拾遺 commissioned in 1716, completed 1720" Cf. Teng, S.Y., Annotated bibliography of selected Chinese reference works, p. 97-98.

"The most comprehensive premodern collection of phrases ... compiled under Imperial auspices .. To this day no Chinese dictionary has included as many words. All 700,000 are arranged under the rhyme of their last character. Each compound is followed by quotations (with references) showing the different uses of the word or phrase, but no definitions as such are given. The Peiwen yunfu is an enlargement of Yuan and Ming dynastic predecessors ... intended as an aid to literary composition" -- Cf. Wilkinson, E., Chinese history, a manual, p. 64-65, 74, 93, 289.

Subject(s)Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Chinese
Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Chinese--Early works to 1800
Chinese language--Terms and phrases
Chinese language--Terms and phrases--Dictionaries
Rec. TypeBook (stitch-bound 線裝本)LanguageChinese 中文
CollectionBibl. Sinensis Soc. IesuRec. #18246