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Records of the Grand Historian of China. [Shiji 史記. Selections. English]
AuthorWatson, Burton, 1925-
Sima Qian 司馬遷, ca. 145-ca. 86 B.C.
Pub. LocationTaibei Shi 台北市PublisherXinyue shudian 新月書店
Date1971Phys. Desc.2 v. : maps ; 21 cm.
LocationReading RoomCall NumberDS748.S7453 1971
Records of the Grand Historian of China : translated from the Shih chi of Ssu-ma Ch'ien / by Burton Watson.
Reprint. Originally published: Columbia Univ. Press, New York, 1961.
N.B. Only sections related to the Han dynasty are translated (approx. half of the total text)

V. 1. Early years of the Han dynasty, 209 to 141 B.C -- v. 2. The age of Emperor Wu, 140 to circa 100 B.C.

Volume I. Early years of the Han Dynasty, 209 to 141 B.C. -- The founding of the Han Dynasty (Parts I-VI) -- Part I. The beginning of the revolt -- Shih chi 48. The hereditary house of Ch'en She -- Part II. The vanquished -- Shih chi 7. The basic annals of Hsiang Yü -- Part III. The victor -- Shih chi 8. The basic annals of Emperor Kao-tsu -- Shih chi 16. Reflections on the rise of Emperor Kao-tsu (excerpt) -- Part IV. The great ministers -- Shih chi 53. The hereditary house of Prime Minister Hsiao -- Shih chi 55. The hereditary house of the Marquis of Liu (Chang Liang) -- Shih chi 56. The hereditary house of Prime Minister Ch'en -- Part V. The disaffected -- Shih chi 89. The biographies of Chang Erh and Ch'en Yü -- Shih chi 90. The biographies of Wei Pao and P'eng Yüeh -- Shih chi 91. The biography of Ch'ing Pu -- Shih chi 92. The biography of the Marquis of Huai-yin (Han Hsin) -- Shih chi 93. The biographies of Hann Hsin and Lu Wan -- Shih chi 94. The biography of T'ien Tan -- Part VI. The loyal followers -- Shih chi 95. The biographies of Fan K'uai, Li Shang, Lord T'eng, and Kuan Ying: concluding remarks --Shih chi 96. The biography of Chancellor Chang -- Shih chi 97. The biographies of Li I-chi and Lu Chia -- Shih chi 98. The biographies of Fu K'uan, Chin Hsi, and the Marquis of K'uai-ch'eng: concluding remarks -- Shih chi 99. The biographies of Liu Ching and Shu-sun T'ung -- Shih chi 100. The biographies of Chi Pu and Lüan Pu -- The second era of Han history (Parts VII-XI) -- Part VII. The rulers -- Shih chi 9. The basic annals of Empress Lü -- Shih chi 10. The basic annals of Emperor Wen the Filial -- Shih chi 11. The basic annals of Emperor Ching the Filial -- Shih chi 12. The basic annals of Emperor Wu (fragment) -- Part VIII. The empresses -- Shih chi 49. The hereditary houses of the families related to the emperors by marriage -- Part IX. The great families -- Shih chi 50. The hereditary house of King Yüan of Ch'u -- Shih chi 51. The hereditary houses of Ching and Yen -- Shih chi 52. The hereditary house of King Tao-hui of Ch'i -- Shih chi 54. The hereditary house of Prime Minister Ts'ao (excerpt) -- Shih chi 57. The hereditary house of Chou P'o, the Marquis of Chiang -- Shih chi 58. The hereditary house of King Hsiao of Liang -- Shih chi 59. The hereditary houses of the five families -- Part X. The leader of the revolt -- Shih chi 106. The biography of Liu P'i, the King of Wu -- Shih chi 17, 18, 19. Some remarks on Han Peers -- Part XI. The eminent officials -- Shih chi 84. The biographies of Ch'ü Yüan and Master Chia -- Shih chi 101. The biographies of Yüan Ang and Ch'ao Ts'o -- Shih chi 102. The biographies of Ching Shih-chih and Feng T'ang -- Shih chi 103. The biographies of Lord Wan-shih and Chang Shu -- Shih chi 104. The biography of T'ien Shu.

Volume II. The age of Emperor Wu, 140 to circa 100 B.C. -- Part I. Heaven, earth, and man -- Shih chi 28. The treatise on the Feng and Shan sacrifices -- Shih chi 29. The treatise on the Yellow River and canals -- Shih chi 30. The treatise on the balanced standard -- Part II. Statesmen, generals, and foreign peoples -- Shih chi 107. The biographies of the Marquises of Wei-ch'i and Wu-an -- Shih chi 108. The biography of Han Ch'ang-ju -- Shih chi 109. The biography of General Li Kuang -- Shih chi 110. The account of the Hsiung-nu -- Shih chi 111. The biographies of General Wei Ch'ing and the swift cavalry general Ho Ch'ü-ping -- Shih chi 20. The chronological table of Marquises Enfeoffed from the Chien-yüan era on: introduction -- Shih chi 112. The biographies of the Marquis of P'ing-chin and Chu-fu Yen -- Shih chi 113. The account of southern Yüeh -- Shih chi 114. The account of eastern Yüeh -- Shih chi 115. The account of Ch'ao-hsien -- Shih chi 123. The account of Ta-yüan -- Shih chi 116. The account of the southwestern Barbarians -- Shih chi 117. The biography of Ssu-ma Hsiang-ju -- Shih chi 120. The biographies of Chi An and Cheng Tang-shih -- Part III. The plotters of revolt -- Shih chi 118. The biographies of the kings of Huai-nan and Heng-shan -- Part IV. The collective biographies -- Shih chi 121. The biographies of the Confucian scholars -- Shih chi 119. The biographies of the reasonable officials -- Shih chi 122. The biographies of the harsh officials -- Shih chi 124. The biographies of the wandering knights -- Shih chi 125. The biographies of the emperors' male favorites -- Shih chi 127. The biographies of the diviners of lucky days -- Shih chi 129. The biographies of the money-makers.

Subject(s)China--History--Han dynasty, 202 B.C.-220 A.D.
China--History--221 B.C.-960 A.D.
SeriesRecords of civilization: sources and studies ; 65
UNESCO collection of representative works: Chinese series
Rec. TypeBookLanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute Library [ASCC]Rec. #18298