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International Symposium on the History of Christianity in China (1996 : Hong Kong) [papers]
AuthorInternational Symposium on the History of Christianity in China (1996 : Hong Kong)
Hong Kong Baptist University [Xianggang Jinhui daxue 香港浸會大學]
Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History 利瑪竇中西文化歷史研究所
Henry Luce Foundation
Baylor University
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Date1996Phys. Desc.1 folder of documents ; 30 cm.
LocationFile Cabinet ACall NumberBR1285.C5 H64 1996
International Symposium on the History of Christianity in China : [papers] / sponsored by Baylor University, Hong Kong Baptist University, the Ricci Institute at the University of San Francisco, the Henry Luce Foundation.

Unpublished papers presented at the Symposium on the History of Christianity in China. Held at the Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, October 2-4, 1996.
N.B. Most of the titles listed on this OCLC record (HK Baptist U.) do not match papers in hand. Some papers missing. Contents data is informational only.

Contents: Xu Rulei, The contextualization of Chinese Christianity. -- Standaert, N., New trends in the historiography of Christianity in China. -- Lin Jin-shui, Research on the “Odes to Aleni” presented by Fujian literati. -- Wang Chen-main, Keeping balance between the church and the state. -- Bays, Daniel H., Chen Chonggui and the evolution of 20th-century Chinese Protestantism. -- Brook, Timothy, A Christian among the Buddhists: lay religion and the Confucian enterprise in the life of Xu Guangqi. -- Mungello, D. E., The Christians of 17th and 18th-century Jinan. -- Tiedemann, R. G., From target to safe haven: the changing role of Christian missions in Shandong, China, 1860-1945. -- Rule, Paul A., The history of Christianity in China in the light of theology of religions. -- Zhuo Xinping, The figurists and the acknowledgement of similarities in Chinese and Western cultures. -- Collani, Claudia Von, Kilian Stumpf, S.J. and the Chinese rites controversy after 1710. -- Wang Meixiu, John L. Nevius' system and the churches in China. -- Pfister, Lauren F., The Way is one, but its expresssions are many: 19th century Protestant influences on Ruist (Confucian) spirituality in Guangzhou. -- Wiest, Jean-Paul, In whose name? The missiological impact of Aurora University on the Roman Catholic Church in China. -- Zhang Kaiyuan, The historical fate of Chinese church-related universities, using the papers of M. S. Bates as documentary evidence. -- Ng Tze-ming, Perspectives on paradoxes: some thoughts on Christian higher education in modern China. -- Malatesta, Edward J., S.J., An historical-theological essay on China and the Jesuits. -- Zurcher, E., Christian dogma and Confucian religiosity: the two faces of late Ming Christianity.

China--Church history--Congresses
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