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Picturing technology in China : from earliest times to the nineteenth century
AuthorGolas, Peter J.
Pub. LocationHong Kong 香港PublisherHong Kong University Press
Date2015Phys. Desc.xxix, 205 p. : ill. ; 23.5 cm. + pdf
LocationDigital Archives, and Hallway CasesCall NumberT10.5.G65 2015
Picturing technology in China : from earliest times to the nineteenth century / Peter J. Golas.
Includes bibliography [p. [181]-198] and index.

1. Early Graphics in China - Pictorial Writing - Geometrical Designs - From Ornament to Narrative: Warring States and Han Illustrations - Early Farming Paintings
2. Han to Tang: Realism on the Rise - Aesthetics and Realism to the Fore- Scale Drawing and Perspective - The Dominance of Brush and Line - Models, Automata, and Technological Drawing - The Advent of Woodblock Printing
3. Song and Yuan: A Golden Age - Ruled-line Painting and Its Critics - Government, Printing, and Technological Representations - The Collection of the Most Important Military Techniques (Wujing zongyao) - The New Armillary Sphere and Celestial Globe System Essentials (Xinyixiang fayao) - The Building Standards (Yingzao fashi) - The Pictures of Tilling and Weaving (Geng zhi tu) - The Agricultural Treatise (Nongshu) of Wang Zhen
4. The New Confucian Paradigm - Realism in Retreat - Elite Dominance of Painting - "Historical" Painting - Philosophic Contributions to the New Painting Aesthetic - Painting and Calligraphy
5. Late Ming and The Exploitation of the Works of Nature - The Exploitation of the Works of Nature: A Culmination of Sorts - Song Yingxing and His World - Book Illustration in the Late Ming - Why This Work? - Assessing the Illustrations - Production Challenges - The Later History of the Illustrations
6. Qing Developments: Roads Not Taken - The Seventeenth-Century Transition - The Jesuit Contribution and Its Limited Impact - A Qualified Last Hurrah for Realism: Architectural Painting in the Qing
Closing Comments - Non-technological Aims in Portrayals of Technology - Pre-eminence of Agriculture and Human Inputs - Underrepresented Technologies - The Absence of Standards for Technical Drawing - The Role of Government Workshops - Maturity or Stagnation?

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Subject(s)Technical illustration--China--History
Technology in art--China--History
Mechanical drawing--China--History
Jesuits--China--Qing dynasty, 1644-1911--Contributions in science and technology
Architectural drawing
Architecture, Chinese--Pictorial works
Machinery--Curious devices--China--History--17th-18th centuries
Machinery--Early works to 1800
Rec. TypeBook, and Digital Book (PDF)LanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #18714
ISBN9789888208159 ; 9888208152OCLC897448567