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Yuanfang xushi : Zhongguo Jiduzongjiao yanjiu de shijiao fangfa yu qushi 遠方敘事 : 中國基督宗教研究的視角方法與趨勢. Narratives from the Hinterland: Perspectives, Methodologies and Trends in the Study of Christianity in China
AuthorWu Xiaoxin 吳小新
Pub. LocationGuilin 桂林PublisherGuangxi shifan daxue chubanshe 廣西師范大學出版社
Date2014Phys. Desc.12, 4, 499 p. : ill, maps ; 26.5 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBR1288.W988 2014
Yuanfang xushi : Zhongguo Jiduzongjiao yanjiu de shijiao fangfa yu qushi 遠方敘事 : 中國基督宗教研究的視角方法與趨勢 = Narratives from the Hinterland: Perspectives, Methodologies and Trends in the Study of Christianity in China / Wu Xiaoxin bian 吳小新編.

Concluding volume of the Zhongguo Jidu zongjiao shiliao congkan 中國基督宗教史料叢刊 (Narratives from the Hinterlands project).

Introduction also in English.
Some essays in English (note: first title indicates language of essay).
Includes bibliographical references (p.403-492) and subject index.

本书是从事中国基督宗教研究的专家学者的论文集,收国内外专家学者论文共计十九篇,全书分为四个专题:1.视角,方法与趋势,收论文三篇;2.多学科研究方法论,收论文六篇;3.专题研究方法探讨,收论文六篇;4.地区性研究方法论,收论文四篇.论文集中所收论文,或对中国基督宗教研究的历史与现状进行总结,分析,或采用跨学科的研究方法从不同的视角展开相关领域的研究.--OCLC Pub. description.

目錄. Table of Contents:
視角、方法與趨勢. (Perspectives, methodologies and trends).
Chinese-Western cultural exchange in the modern age: examples, research methods, trends, and prospects. (近代中西文化交流:案例,研究方法,發展趨勢及前景展望) / R.G. Tiedemann.
“邊疆”何在?——近代中國邊疆基督教史研究的新視角. (Where is the “frontier?”-- New perspectives in the study of Christianity in China) / Zhang Xianqing 張先清.
中國基督教史研究的“範式”轉移與新趨勢. (Paradigm change and new trends for the study of Christianity in China) / Tao Feiya 陶飛亞.

多學科研究方法論. (Multi-disciplinary methodologies).
Writing biographies of Christina missionaries in China. (來華基督宗教傳教士傳記寫作) / Linda Benson.
中國基督宗教口述史研究的若干問題. (Issues relating to oral history studies in Christianity in China) / Li Xiangping 李向平.
人類學與中國西南基督教研究. (Anthropology and studies of Christianity in southwest China) / Huang Jianbo 黃劍波.
The conversion of the imaginary: changing notions of reading and writing a “Christian literature” in late-Qing and Republican China. (意象的轉變:清末至民國年間“基督教文學”作品的閱讀與寫作) / Chloë Starr.
比較文學形象學導論:理論與實踐. (Theory and practice: introduction to imagology in comparative literature) / Meng Hua 孟華.
Sino-Western cultural relations and the mapping of modern China. (中西文化關係與近代中國地圖的繪製) / Laura Hostetler.

專題研究方法探討. Thematic studies methodologies.
近代中國基督教與伊斯蘭教互動關係的研究回顧與視角. (Reviews and perspectives on the studies of the interactions between Christianity and Islam in modern China) / Liu Jiafeng 劉家峰.
“中國禮儀之爭”:研究方法及其拓展. (The “Chinese Rites controversy: research methodology and expansion) / Li Tiangang 李天綱.
Confucianism and Christianity revisited. (再論儒家思想與基督宗教) / Paul Rule.
The history of Ming-Qing Sino-Western cultural relations: methods of archival research using missionary collections with a case study of Taiyuan’s Diocesan records. (明清中西文化關係史:使用傳教士資料的檔案研究方法,以太原教區檔案為例) / Anthony E. Clark.
晚清基督教小說的研究方向——以數部作品的文本分析為例. (Approaches of researching late-Qing Christian novels: critical textual analysis of several representative works) / Li Zipeng 黎子鵬.
以詩紀事,以詩證史:從明清士大夫贈傳教士詩看基督教在華傳播的歷史. (The function of poetry in recording events and verifying history: history of Christianity in China through poems by the Chinese Literati to Western missionaries in Ming and Qing dynasties) / Lin Jinshui 林金水.

地區性研究方法論. Methodologies in regional research.
The use of missionary documentation for investigating cultural encounters in the Central Plain region of China. (傳教士文獻在考察中國中原地區文化相遇中的應用) / Martha Lund Smalley.
視野、材料、理論與方法:以十九世紀東北天主教研究為例. (Perspectives, sources, theories and methodologies: a case study of nineteenth century Catholicism in Northeast China) / Li Ji 李紀
Eurasian cultural encountersbeyond the Great Wall: the case of Inner Mongolia in the late Qing and early republican era. (塞外的歐亞文化相遇——以清末民初的內蒙古為例) / Patrick Taveirne.
對20世紀50年代滇西邊疆民族地區基督教演變發展的認識及思考. (Comprehension and reflection on the changes and development of Christianity in West Yunnan’s ethnic minority region during the 1950’s) / Qin Heping 秦和平.

SeriesZhongguo Jidu zongjiao shiliao congkan 中國基督宗教史料叢刊 = Narratives from the Hinterlands
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese, English
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryEdition第1版Rec. #18720
ISBN9787549558551 ; 7549558558OCLC904654152