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Mountain of fame : portraits in Chinese history
AuthorWills, John E. (John Elliot), 1936-
Pub. LocationPrinceton, NJPublisherPrinceton University Press
Date1994Phys. Desc.xvi, 403 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
LocationReading RoomCall NumberDS734.W63 1994
Mountain of fame : portraits in Chinese history / John E. Wills, Jr.
2nd print., with corrections. (1996)
Includes bibliographical references (pages 381-388) and index.
Another copy Gleeson Library.

Yu -- Confucius (Kongzi) -- The first Emperor of Qin (Qin Shihuang) -- Sima Qian -- Wang Mang -- Ban Zhao -- Zhuge Liang -- Hui Neng, the sixth patriarch -- Empress Wu -- Su Dongpo -- Yue Fei -- Qiu Chuji, the Daoist -- Wang Yangming -- Zheng Chenggong (Coxinga) -- The Qianlong Emperor -- Hong Xiuquan, the Heavenly King -- Liang Qichao -- The Kuomintang legacy -- Mao Zedong.

Rec. TypeBookLanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute Library [ASCC]Edition2nd print., with correctionsRec. #18756
ISBN0691055424 ; 9780691055428LCCN93046773OCLC29518550