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Cartographic Japan : a history in maps
AuthorWigen, Kären, 1958-
Karacas, Cary
Sugimoto Fumiko 杉本史子, 1958-
Pub. LocationChicagoPublisherUniversity of Chicago Press
Date2016Phys. Desc.xi, 269 p. : ill., maps (some color) ; 29 cm.
LocationAdmin. OfficeCall NumberGA1241.C37 2016
Cartographic Japan : a history in maps / edited by Kären Wigen, Sugimoto Fumiko, and Cary Karacas.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Signed by the editor.

Japan and a new-found world / Joseph LOH -- The world from the waterline / Peter D. SHAPINSKY -- Elusive islands of silver : Japan in the early European geographic imagination / OKA Mihoko -- Mapping the margins of Japan / Ronald P. TOBY -- The creators and historical context of the oldest maps of the Ryukyu kingdom / WATANABE Miki -- The introduction of Dutch surveying instruments in Japan / SATOH Ken'ichi -- The European career of Ishikawa Ryūsen's map of Japan / Marcia YONEMOTO -- A new map of Japan and its acceptance in Europe / MATSUI Yōko -- The arms and legs of the realm / Constantine N. VAPORIS -- Visualizing the political world through provincial maps / SUGIMOTO Fumiko -- Fixing sacred borders : villagers, monks, and their two sovereign masters / SUGIMOTO Fumiko -- Self-portrait of a village / KOMEIE Taisaku -- Characteristics of premodern urban space / TAMAI Tetsuo -- Evolving cartography of an ancient capital / UESUGI Kazuhiro -- Historical landscapes of Osaka / UESUGI Kazuhiro -- The urban landscape of early Edo in an East Asian context / TAMAI Tetsuo -- Spatial visions of status / Ronald P. TOBY -- The social landscape of Edo / Paul WALEY -- What is a street? / Mary Elizabeth BERRY -- Locating Japan in a Buddhist world / D. Max MOERMAN -- Picturing maps : the "rare and wondrous" bird's-eye views of Kuwagata Keisai / Henry D. SMITH II -- An artist's rendering of the divine Mount Fuji / MIYAZAKI Fumiko -- Rock of ages : traces of the gods in Akita / Anne WALTHALL -- Cosmology and science in Japan's last Buddhist world map / Sayoko SAKAKIBARA -- Fun with moral mapping in the mid-nineteenth century / Robert GOREE -- A travel map adjusted to urgent circumstances / Kären WIGEN and Sayoko SAKAKIBARA -- Legendary landscape at the Kitayama Palace / Nicolas FIÉVÉ -- New routes through old Japan / Roderick WILSON -- Seeking accuracy : the first modern survey of Japan's coast / SUZUKI Junko -- No foreigners allowed : the Shogunate's hydrographic chart of the "holy" Ise Bay / SUZUKI Junko -- Indigenous knowledge in the mapping of the northern frontier regions / Tessa MORRIS-SUZUKI -- Mamiya Rinzō and the cartography of empire / Brett L. WALKER -- Outcastes and peasants on the edge of modernity / Daniel BOTSMAN -- Converging lines : Yamakawa Kenjirō's fire map of Tokyo / Steven WILLS -- Mapping death and destruction in 1923 / J. Charles SCHENCKING -- Rebuilding Tokyo after the great Kanto earthquake / André SORENSEN -- Shinjuku 1931 : a new type of urban space / Henry D. SMITH II -- Mapping the Hōjō Colliery explosion of 1914 / Brett L. WALKER -- Cultivating progress in colonial Taiwan / Philip C. BROWN -- Showcase thoroughfares, wretched alleys : the uneven development of colonial Seoul (Keijō) / Todd A. HENRY -- Imperial expansion and city planning : visions for Datong in the 1930s / Carola HEIN -- A two-timing map / Catherine L. PHIPPS -- Visions of a new order in the Asia-Pacific / David FEDMAN -- Blackened cities, blackened maps / Cary KARACAS and David FEDMAN -- The occupied city / Cary KARACAS -- Sacred space on postwar Fuji / Andrew BERNSTEIN -- Tange Kenzō's proposal for rebuilding Hiroshima / Carola HEIN -- Visions of the good city in the rapid growth period / André SORENSEN -- On the road in Olympic-era Tokyo / Bruce SUTTMEIER -- Traversing Tokyo by subway / Alisa FREEDMAN -- The uses of a free paper map in the Internet age / Susan Paige TAYLOR -- Tsukiji at the end of an era / Theodore C. BESTOR -- Probabilistic earthquake hazard maps / Gregory SMITS -- Citizens' radiation maps after the tsunami / Jilly TRAGANOU -- Run and escape! / SATOH Ken’ichi -- Postmortem cartography : "stillbirths" and the Meiji state / Fabian DRIXLER -- Reconstructing provincial maps / NAKAMURA Yūsuke -- The art of making oversize graphic maps / ARAI Kei.

Japan--Historical geography
Rec. TypeBookLanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #18867
ISBN9780226073057 ; 022607305XLCCN2015006383OCLC903812387