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Matteo Ricci and the Catholic mission to China, 1583-1610 : a short history with documents
AuthorHsia, R. Po-chia [Ronnie Xia Bojia 夏伯嘉], 1953-
Pub. LocationIndianapolis, INPublisherHackett
Date2016Phys. Desc.xvii, 146 p. : color maps ; 22 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBV3427.R46 H76 2016
Matteo Ricci and the Catholic mission to China, 1583-1610 : a short history with documents / R. Po-chia Hsia.
Includes bibliographical references and index.

Introduction. Portuguese Asia -- Catholic renewal -- Ming China -- Matteo Ricci -- Ricci in our time.

Document 1. Excerpt from the chronicle of a Carthusian monk in Cologne, 1535 -- Document 2. Policy debate on maritime trade among Ming officials ca. 1564 -- Document 3. Gregory Martin, Roma Sancta (1581), excerpt describing the Jesuit College in Rome -- Document 4. Letter from the Jesuit missionary Nicolò Spinola, describing the dangers of sea voyage from Portugal to India, 1578 -- Document 5. Ricci's letter to General Claudio Acquaviva, November 25, 1581, from Goa, India -- Document 6. Ricci's letters from Macao to Martino de Fornari and Claudio Acquaviva, February 13, 1583 -- Document 7. Ricci's letter to Juan Bautista Roman, September 13, 1584, describing statecraft and religion in China (excerpts) -- Document 8. A Chinese poem by Michelle Ruggieri and an excerpt on his missionary strategy -- Document 9. Account of Ruggieri's encounter with Buddhist monks during his travels in the winter of 1585-86 to Zhejiang -- Document 10. Excerpts from relevant passages of Della entrata on the missionary work of the Jesuits in Zhaoqing, their relationship with their mandarin patrons, and Ricci's scientific work -- Document 11. Alessandro Valignano and Alonso Sanchez: two Jesuit views on evangelization in East Asia, 1581-88 -- Document 12. Excerpts from letters written by Ricci to General Claudio Acquaviva, Shaozhou, November 15, 1592, and January 15 and 17, 1593 -- Document 13. Excerpt from a description of Ricci by a mandarin in Shaozhou, written ca. 1592 -- Document 14. The first impression of Ricci by Qu Rukui (written in 1599 and recalling events from the 1580s) -- Document 15. Excerpts from a letter by Ricci to Duarte de Sande, Nanchang, August 29, 1595 -- Document 16. Translations from On Friendship, the first Chinese work written by Ricci in Nanchang (excerpts) -- Document 17. Excerpt from Della entrata on Ricci's debate with the Buddhist abbot Xuelang Hong'en in Nanjing, 1599 -- Document 18. Letter by the Chinese dissident and scholar Li Zhi to a friend, in which he describes his impressions of Ricci (ca. 1599) -- Document 19. Poem dedicated by Li Zhi to Ricci -- Document 20. The Nanjing writer Gu Qiyuan's description of Ricci (ca. 1598-99) -- Document 21. Excerpt from Della entrata on Ricci's 1600 journey to Beijing and his imprisonment by the eunuch Ma Tang -- Document 22. The mandarin Feng Yingjing's endorsement of Ricci's True Meaning of the Lord of Heaven (1603) -- Document 23. Excerpt from Ricci's True Meaning of the Lord of Heaven (1603) to illustrate the concordance between Christian moral teachings and Confucian texts and Ricci's attacks on Buddhism -- Document 24. Ricci's World Map compared with a Chinese map of the Ming Dynasty and a Portuguese map of 1502 -- Document 25. Letter by Ricci to his father, Giovanni Battista Ricci, May 10, 1605 -- Document 26. Preface by Ricci on the Chinese translation of Euclid and on his collaboration with Xu Guangqi (1608) -- Document 27. Excerpts from Ricci's Chinese work Qiren shipian (Ten Discourses of the Man of Paradox), which recorded actual conversations between Ricci and Chinese interlocutors on Christianity -- Document 28. Letter by the Buddhist layman Yu Chunxi to Ricci, in which he criticizes Ricci's opposition to Buddhism (1608) -- Document 29. Excerpts from a letter by Ricci to Francesco Pasio, vide-provincial in the Japan Jesuit mission, February 15, 1609 -- Document 30. The legacy of Ricci in China.

Subject(s)Ricci, Matteo 利瑪竇, 1552-1610
Ricci, Matteo 利瑪竇, 1552-1610--Correspondence
Jesuits--China--16th-18th centuries--Biography
Jesuits--Missions--China--16th-18th centuries
Missionaries, Italian--Biography
Jesuits--China--History--17th-18th centuries--Sources
SeriesPassages: Key Moments in History
Rec. TypeBookLanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #18961
ISBN9781624664328 ; 1624664326LCCN2015035222OCLC922970684