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Vincent de Paul, the Lazarist mission, and French Catholic reform
AuthorForrestal, Alison
Pub. LocationOxford, EnglandPublisherOxford University Press
Date2017Phys. Desc.pdf. [viii, 312 pages : map ; 24 cm]
LocationDigital ArchivesCall NumberBX4700.V6 F67 2017d
Vincent de Paul, the Lazarist mission, and French Catholic reform / Alison Forrestal.
Includes bibliographical references and index.

"Vincent de Paul, the Lazarist Mission, and French Catholic Reform' offers a major re-assessment of the thought and activities of the most famous figure of the seventeenth-century French Catholic Reformation, Vincent de Paul. Confronting traditional explanations for de Paul's prominence in the devot reform movement that emerged in the wake of the Wars of Religion, the volume explores how he turned a personal vocational desire to evangelize the rural poor of France into a congregation of secular missionaries, known as the Congregation of the Mission or the Lazarists, with three inter-related strands of pastoral responsibility: the delivery of missions, the formation and training of clergy, and the promotion of confraternal welfare. Alison Forrestal further demonstrates that the structure, ethos, and works that de Paul devised for the Congregation placed it at the heart of a significant enterprise of reform that involved a broad set of associates in efforts to transform the character of devotional belief and practice within the church. The central questions of the volume therefore concern de Paul's efforts to create, characterize, and articulate a distinctive and influential vision for missionary life and work, both for himself and for the Lazarist Congregation, and Forrestal argues that his prominence and achievements depended on his remarkable ability to exploit the potential for association and collaboration within the devot environment of seventeenth-century France in enterprising and systematic ways. This is the first study to assess de Paul's activities against the wider backdrop of religious reform and Bourbon rule, and to reconstruct the combination of ideas, practices, resources, and relationships that determined his ability to pursue his ambitions. A work of forensic detail and complex narrative, 'Vincent de Paul, the Lazarist Mission, and French Catholic Reform' is the product of years of research in ecclesiastical and state archives."--OCLC note.

Cover; Vincent de Paul, the Lazarist Mission, and French Catholic Reform; Copyright; Acknowledgements; Contents; Abbreviations; Introduction; I; II; III; IV; Part I: A Wealth of Resources; 1: A Foothold in Paris; I; II; III; IV; 2: Early Patrons and Favours; I; II; III; 3: Identifying Pastoral Strategies; I; II; III; IV; Part II: The Anatomy of a Mission; 4: Founding a Congregation of Missionaries; I; II; III; IV; 5: The Lazarist Missionary: Ethos and Praxis; I; II; III; IV; Part III: Expansion and Collaboration; 6: Saint-Lazare, Bons-Enfants, and Clerical Formation; I; II; III; IV

7: Patrons and Houses (1635-1643)I; II; III; IV; V; 8: New Houses, New Purposes, New Problems (1643-1660); I; II; III; IV; V; VI; Part IV: Engaging with Lay Mission; 9: The Confraternities of Charity; I; II; III; IV; V; VI; 10: Affinities, Associations, and Projects of Charity; I; II; III; IV; V; Part V: Consolidation; 11: Power to Appoint?; I; II; III; IV; V; VI; 12: Leaving a Legacy in a Fragmented Church; I; II; III; V; Conclusion; I; II; III; APPENDIX 1: Lazarist Houses Established in France, 1625-1660; APPENDIX 2: Endowed Lazarist Missions in France, 1625-1660

APPENDIX 3: Other Significant Donations for Lazarist Works in France, 1625-1660Bibliography; Manuscript Sources; Printed Primary Sources; Reference Works; Secondary Sources; Index.

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Catholic Church--France--History--16th century
Vincent de Paul, Saint, 1581-1660
Rec. TypeDigital Book (PDF)LanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryEditionFirst EditionRec. #19328
ISBN9780198785767 ; 0198785763OCLC985324216