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Ming music and music history
AuthorLam, Joseph Sui Ching
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Date1997Phys. Desc.pdf. [p. 21-62, 43 frames : ill., musical notation]
LocationDigital ArchivesCall NumberML336.L364 1997
Ming music and music history / Joseph S. C. Lam.
Joseph S. C. Lam (1997) MING MUSIC AND MUSIC HISTORY, Ming Studies, 1997:1, 21-62, DOI: 10.1179/014703797788763526
Includes bibliographical references (p. 51-55)
Includes glossary of Chinese terms, and Zhu Zaiyu's (朱載堉, 1536-1611) bibliography from Lülü jingyi 律呂精義.

Local access dig.pdf [Lam-Ming Music.pdf]

Subject(s)Music--China--Ming dynasty, 1368-1644
Zhu Zaiyu 朱載堉, 1536-1611. Lülü jingyi 律呂精義--Bibliography
Music, Chinese--History and criticism
Music theory--China--History--Ming dynasty, 1368-1644
Rec. TypeArticle (in Periodical)LanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #19518