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The Jesuits : cultures, sciences, and the arts, 1540-1773
AuthorO'Malley, John W.
Bailey, Gauvin A.
Pub. LocationTorontoPublisherUniversity of Toronto Press
Date1999Phys. Desc.pdf. [xx, 772 p. : ill.)
LocationDigital ArchivesCall NumberBX3706.2.J47 1999d
The Jesuits : cultures, sciences, and the arts, 1540-1773 / edited by John W. O'Malley, Gauvin Alexander Bailey [and others].
Papers from International conference titled: The Jesuits : Culture, Learning, and the Arts, 1540-1773, held late May 1997 at Boston College.
Includes bibliographical references and index.

Part One: Reframing Jesuit history -- The historiography of the Society of Jesus : where does it stand today? / John W. O"Malley, S.J. -- 'Le style jésuite n'existe pas' : Jesuit corporate culture and the visual arts / Garvin Alexander Bailey -- The fertility and the shortcomings of Renaissance rhetoric : the Jesuit case / Marc Fumaroli -- The cultural field of Jesuit science / Rivka Feldhay

Part Two: The Roman scene -- Two Farnese cardinals and the question of Jesuit taste / Claire Robertson -- Jesuit thesis prints and the festive academic defence at the Collegio Romano / Louise Rice -- From "The Eyes of All" to "Useful Quarries in Philosophy and Good Literature' : Consuming Jesuit science, 1600-1665 / Michael John Gorman -- Music history in the Musurgia universali of Athanasius Kircher / Margaret Murada

Part Three: Mobility : Overseas missions and the circulation of culture -- Mapping Jesuit science : the role of travel in the geography of knowledge / Steven J. Harris -- Jesuits, Jupiter's satellites, and the Académic Royale des Sciences / Florence Hsia -- Exemplo aeque ut verbo : The French Jesuits' missionary world / Dominique Deslanders -- East and West : Jesuit art and artists in Central Europe, and Central European art in the Americas / Thomas Dacosta Kaufmann -- The role of the Jesuits in the transfer of secular baroque culture in the Rio de la Plata region / Magnus Mörner -- Candide and a boat / T. Frank Kennedy, S.J.

Part Four: Encounters with the other : between assimilation and domination -- Alessandro Valignano : the Jesuits and culture in the East / Andrew C. Ross -- Jesuit corporate culture as shaped by the Chinese / Nicholas Standaert, S.J. -- Translation as cultural reform : Jesuit scholastic psychology in the transformation of the Confucian discourse on human nature / Qiong Zhang -- The truth-showing mirror : Jesuit Gauvin Alexander Bailey -- Roberto de Nobili's Dialogue on Eternal Life and an early Jesuit evaluation of religion in south India / Francis X. Clooney, S.J. -- The Jesuits and the indigenous peoples of the Phillipines / René B. Javellana, S.J.

Part Five: Tradition, innovation, acomodation -- Bernini's image of the ideal Christian monarch / Irving Lavin -- Innovation and assimilation : the Jesuit contribution to architectural development in Portuguese India / David M. Kowel -- God's good taste : the Jesuit aesthetics of Juan Bautista Villapando in the sixth and tenth centuries B.C.E. / Jaime Lara -- Jesuit Arisotleian education : the De anima commentaries / Alison Simmons -- The Jesuits and Polish Sarmationism / Stanislaw Oberek, S.J.

Part Six: Conversion and confirmation through devotion and the arts -- The art of salvation in Bavaria / Jeffrey Chipps Smith -- Henry Hawkins : a Jesuit writer and emblematist in Stuart England / Karl Josef Höltgen -- Jesuit casuistry or Jesuit spirtuality? The roots of seventeenth-century British Puritan practical divinity / James F. Keenan, S.J. -- The use of music by the Jesuits in the conversion of the indigenous peoples of Brazil / Paulo Castagna -- The Jesuits in Manilla, 1581-1621 : the role of music in rite, ritual, and spectacle / William J. Summers -- Jesuit devotions and Retablos in New Spain / Clara Bargellini

Part Seven: Reflections : What have we learned? Where do we go from here?

"In recent years scholars in a range of disciplines have begun to re-evaluate the history of the Society of Jesus. Approaching the subject with new questions and methods, they have reconsidered the importance of the Society in many sectors, including those related to the sciences and the arts. They have also looked at the Jesuits as emblematic of certain traits of early modern Europeans, especially as those Europeans interacted with 'the Other' in Asia and the Americas." "Originating in an international conference held at Boston College in 1997, the thirty-five essays here reflect this new historiographical trend."--Jacket.

Available online via Gleeson Library.
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Subject(s)Jesuits--History--16th-18th centuries--Congresses
Christianity and culture--History--16th-18th centuries--Congresses
Rec. TypeDigital Book (PDF)LanguageEnglish
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