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The Jesuits II : cultures, sciences, and the arts, 1540-1773
AuthorO'Malley, John W.
Bailey, Gauvin A.
Pub. LocationTorontoPublisherUniversity of Toronto Press
Date2006Phys. Desc.pdf. (xxxvi, 905 p.) : ill.
LocationDigital ArchivesCall NumberBX3706.3.J48 2006d
The Jesuits II : cultures, sciences, and the arts, 1540-1773 / edited by John W. O'Malley, Gauvin Alexander Bailey, [and others].
Essays originally presented as papers at a conference held in 2002.>br> Includes bibliographical references and index.

PART ONE: The Society in Society
1 / Every Tub on Its Own Bottom: Funding a Jesuit College in Early Modern Europe OLWEN HUFTON -- 2 / The Jesuits and the Art of Translation in Early Modern Europe PETER BURKE -- 3 / Join the Jesuits, See the World: Early Modern Women in Spain and the Society of Jesus -- ELIZABETH RHODES -- 4 / Between History and Myth: The Monita secreta Societatis Jesu -- SABINA PAVONE -- 5 / Revolutionary Pedagogues? How Jesuits Used Education to Change Society -- JUDI LOACH -- 6 / The Jesuit Garden -- PETER DAVIDSON

PART TWO: The Visual Arts and the Arts of Persuasion
7 / Jesuit Uses of Art in the Province of Flanders JEFFREY MULLER -- 8 / Meditation, Ministry, and Visual Rhetoric in Peter Paul Rubens’s Program for the Jesuit Church in Antwerp ANNA C. KNAP -- 9 / Art in the Service of God: The Impact of the Society of Jesus on the Decorative Arts in Portugal NUNO VASSALLO E SILVA -- 10 / Cultural Convergence at the Ends of the Earth: The Unique Art and Architecture of the Jesuit Missions to the Chiloé Archipelago (1608–1767) GAUVIN ALEXANDER BAILEY -- 11 / The Rural Churches of the Jesuit Haciendas on the Southern Peruvian Coast HUMBERTO RODRÍGUEZ-CAMILLONI -- 12 / Suzhou Prints and Western Perspective: The Painting Techniques of Jesuit Artists at the Qing Court, and Dissemination of the Contemporary Court Style of Painting to Mid-Eighteenth-Century Chinese Society through Woodblock Prints HIROMITSU KOBAYASHI

PART THREE: Scientific Knowledge, the Order of Nature, and Natural Theology
13 / Picturing Jesuit Anti-Copernican Consensus: Astronomy and Biblical Exegesis in the Engraved Title-Page of Clavius’s Opera mathematica (1612) VOLKER R. REMMERT 14 / Jesuit Influences on Galileo’s Science WILLIAM A. WALLACE, O.P. 15 / Utility, Edification, and Superstition: Jesuit Censorship and Athanasius Kircher’s Oedipus Aegyptiacus DANIEL STOLZENBERG -- 16 / Teaching Mathematics in Jesuit Schools: Programs, Course Content, and Classroom Practices ANTONELLA ROMANO -- 17 / Entering Dangerous Ground: Jesuits Teaching Astrology and Chiromancy in Lisbon HENRIQUE LEITÃO -- 18 / Science and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century Spain: The Contribution of the Jesuits before and after the Expulsion VÍCTOR NAVARRO BROTÓNS -- 19 / The Reception of a Theory: A Provisional Syllabus of Boscovich Literature, 1746–1800 UGO BALDINI

PART FOUR: Music, Theatre, and the Uses of Performance
20 / ‘A Certain Indulgence’: Music at the Jesuit College in Paris, 1575–1590 DAVID CROOK -- 21 / Between Stage and Divine Service: Jesuits and Theatrical Music FRANZ KÖRNDLE -- 22 / Sung Catechism and College Opera: Two Musical Genres in the Jesuit Evangelization of Colonial Chile VÍCTOR RONDÓN -- 23 / The Orator’s Performance: Gesture, Word, and Image in Theatre at the Collegio Romano BRUNA FILIPPI -- 24 / The Jesuit Stage and Theatre in Milan during the Eighteenth Century GIOVANNA ZANLONGHI -- 25 / ‘Lascivi Spettacoli’: Jesuits and Theatre (from the Underside) MICHAEL ZAMPELLI, S.J.

PART FIVE: The Overseas Missions: Challenges and Strategies
26 / Grammar and Virtue: The Formulation of a Cultural and Missionary Program by the Jesuits in Early Colonial Peru SABINE MACCORMACK -- 27 / The Problematic Acquisition of Indigenous Languages: Practices and Contentions in Missionary Specialization in the Jesuit Province of Peru (1568–1640) ALIOCHA MALDAVSKY -- 28 / The Uses of Shamanism: Evangelizing Strategies and Missionary Models in Seventeenth-Century Brazil CHARLOTTE DE CASTELNAU-L’ESTOILE -- 29 / Jesuits, Too: Jesuits, Women Catechists, and Jezebels in Christian-Century Japan HARUKO NAWATA WARD -- 30 / Clockwork and the Jesuit Mission in China CATHERINE PAGANI

PART SIX: Expulsions, Suppressions, and the Surviving Remnant
31 / Between the Rigorist Hammer and the Deist Anvil: The Fate of the Jesuits in Eighteenth-Century France MARC FUMAROLE -- 32 / The Expulsion of the Jesuits and the Treatment of Catholic Representational Objects during the French Revolution RICHARD CLAY -- 33 / The Gang of Four and the Campaign against the Jesuits in Eighteenth-Century Brazil DAURIL ALDEN -- 34 / Twilight in the Imperial City: The Jesuit Mission in China, 1748–60 725 RONNIE PO-CHIA HSIA -- 35 / Boscovich in the Balkans: A Jesuit Perspective on Orthodox Christianity in the Age of Enlightenment LARRY WOLFF -- 36 / A Jesuit Beata at the Time of the Suppression in the Viceroyalty of Río de la Plata: María Antonia de Paz y Figueroa, 1730–1799 ALICIA FRASCHINA -- 37 / The Post-Suppression Society of Jesus in the United States and Russia: Two Unlikely Settings DANIEL L. SCHLAFLY, JR

APPENDIX: Jesuit Opera in Seventeenth-Century Vienna: Patientis Christi memoria by Johann Bernhard Staudt (1654–1712) T. FRANK KENNEDY, S.J. -- Patientis Christi memoria: Text

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