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Examen examinis, seu responsum ad scriptum censoris anonymi. [Jap-Sin IV, 5B]
AuthorBouvet, Joachim 白晉, 1656-1730
Gozani, Giampaolo 駱保祿, 1659-1732
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Date1716Phys. Desc.pdf. mss. [39 p. ; 32.5 x 22.5 cm]
LocationDigital ArchivesCall NumberBV3427.B62 S7432
Jap-Sin IV, 5 B

Bouvet, Joach. Gozani Io. P ᅵ or lat. ᅵ Examen examinis, seu responsum ad scriptum censoris anonymi (Examen aliquot Propositionum ad R. P. Sup. PP. Gall.)
Manuscript copy, not in Bouvet’s own handwriting, written on Chinese paper in Chinese ink. 32.5 x 22.5 cm.

Compared with another copy in Jap-Sin 177, ff. 240–259, this manuscript is almost the same. In Jap-Sin 177, folio 1, the date is given on the left top corner as 29 December 1716 with the title: Apologia P. Bouvet, whereas the present manuscript lacks the date and the title.
The manuscript contains thirty-nine pages. The last page is wrongly numbered twenty-nine instead of thirty-nine. On the verso of this page an inscription is given in Latin: Pro Sententijs P. Bouvet. The manuscript in Jap-Sin 177 numbered thirty-eight pages. Not all the quotations in Chinese are found in Jap-Sin IV, 5 B.
As we have mentioned in Jap-Sin IV, 5 A, Bouvet had his own interpretations of the ancient Chinese Classics, which many of his confreres found hard to accept. As a result, he was told by his superior to submit his writings for censoring. The present letter to Gozani, the Visitor of the China mission, must have been written after the censor’s report on his writing. It was an Apologia pro operibus suis.

Cf. Witek 1982, p. 205, n. 128.

Source; A. Chan, Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, pp.522-523.

Local access in folder ARSI Jap-Sin I-IV under Jap-Sin IV-5B.pdf]
Online at ARSI via Internet Archive.

Subject(s)Bouvet, Joachim 白晉, 1656-1730--Correspondence
Bouvet, Joachim 白晉, 1656-1730--Writings on Figurism
Yijing 易經--Figurist interpretations
Gozani, Giampaolo 駱保祿, 1659-1732
Chinese Rites controversy--Sources
Rec. TypeManuscript (pdf)LanguageLatin, Chinese
CollectionARSI, and Ricci Institute LibraryRec. #19642